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Diary Of An Apprentice #1

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Blog Profile pictureName:
Claudia Crofts
Age: 17
Job Title: Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice

A Little Bit About Me: I’m a 17 year old girl who enjoys playing sports, being active, going out with my friends and like any other teenager; I practically live on social media. I’ve always been better at learning while doing, so an apprenticeship is perfect for the way I learn best. In school I didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to be when I was older. I went to sixth form and studied psychology, sociology, biology and health and social because they interested me a lot.

Why I Chose An Apprenticeship: I didn’t know what occupation I wanted to have in the future, I was going to follow the crowd and go to university for nursing, but I wasn’t sure if that was something I wanted to do. I was offered an apprenticeship in Social Media and Digital Marketing at iPEGS Ltd after working at their sister company NTG Training the summer of 2014. I decided on an apprenticeship because the subject interested me and also I would be learning through practical work instead of in a classroom and I personally learn best that way.

What Being An Apprentice Means: Being an apprentice means that you are learning while working and earning money and experience in a particular field that could potentially be your future occupation.

The Future Of This Blog: Over my year-long course, I will be writing about my experiences of being an apprentice, my learning experience and the virtues of being taught via the virtual classroom. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. Follow me and my progress here or on Twitter @iPegs.

I Vote Digital! Why Paper Based Voting Is Being Shown The Virtual Door

May 6th, 2015 Posted by News, Paperless No Comment yet

As voters gear up to put a cross in their box of choice later this week, many are welcoming the idea of the 2015 General Election being the last one using a sole paper-based voting system.

As political parties scramble for further ways to ensure as many British citizens as possible vote, a digital vote must seem an attractive option to enable more people, and more importantly, more young people to have their say.

Online petitions run by websites such as are hugely viral and have created and appetite for and a surge of change from those to lazy or shy to voice their opinion anywhere other than the internet.

There is a general consensus that Young people are not interested in politics and voting but could it be that the campaign and voting methods currently used are not doing it for Generation Y?

A recent report from claims that an online voting option could:

– Boost turnout in a General Election by up to 9 million, increasing turnout to 79%.
– Boost youth voter turnout in a General Election by up to 1.8 million, increasing turnout to 70%.
– Reduce the cost per vote by a third and provide long-term savings of £12.8 million.

The report urges all political parties to commit to introducing online voting and is endorsed by Conservative MP Chloe Smith, Trade Unions and the Royal London Society for the Blind.

Despite the above report and other recommendations from House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee and the Digital Democracy Commission, the appetite to go digital is low with ongoing concerns over security, identity validation, cost and the scale of implementation of an electronic voting system.

Hopefully, whoever wins the election on Thursday will have digital issues and online voting on their list of priorities and we can witness accessibility and participation for and from everyone. You can sign the e-petition for online voting here.

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