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Business Efficiency Through Partnership

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Technology is everyone’s business. Some people embrace technology and some grow more and more wary, but there has been no stopping the influx of an ever growing supply of gadgets into our work and home lives. The question is, How do we make often expensive technology work for us and our businesses? The answer…use it as much as possible!

When we meet clients, it’s rare that we are the first software company to come knocking. More often than not they are already using some form of management software or eportfolio, and the reason that they are looking for further software is because their existing package doesn’t go quite far enough to meet their growing needs, or they need something they can easily use in the field.

Often, potential clients are waiting for an existing provider to build an app or they want to build something bespoke themselves. Great ideas that have a major flaw, the fact that technology and technological needs change at a rapid rate. Therefore casting a net too wide in a bid to corner a market or attempting to build something from scratch can mean pain-stakingly slow or stale developments.

At iPEGS we pride ourselves on a handful of what we consider to be key elements of a digital business. Firstly, we are experts in our field. We have spent 3 years developing and honing a product that we are proud of and that we continue to develop to ensure it meets the needs of our existing clients and is agile enough to be future-proofed (as much as anything can be!). Secondly, we believe in collaboration and partnership, not just with our clients (though this is important) but with our competitors and other software providers. Our collaborative approach enables us to offer a fantastic product and service for all of our clients.

If you are a business wanting to find out more about iPEGS and our product set or a software provider looking for partners then please Contact us on 01244 955350 or email 

Technology = Healthy Living For Children Across The North West

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EdStart Fitness App for Schools – Powered By iPEGS

iPEGS Ltd is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with EdStart.

As part of EdStart’s innovative new health and fitness programme for schools the iPEGS Form Builder App was used to record data and monitor childrens progress throughout the programme.

After a successful pilot using this technology EdStart decided to work with iPEGS on a customised version of the iPEGS App and web based system specifically designed for the EdStart fitness programme.

EdStart support schools by offering curriculum based PE provision and afterschool clubs as well as an innovative new health and fitness programme specifically targeted to suit young people. EdStart’s aim is to improve the skills of children in every area of PE and develop life-long positive attitudes to sport, physical activity and healthy living. EdStart’s approach is designed to make sessions fun and accessible to each individual child.

The App has 4 key features:

– Forms – Ability to record the fitness test results of each child undertaking the fitness programme.
– Reports – Ability to run reports on the overall improvements of each fitness test for each child, class, year and school.
– Resources – Session plans with a comprehensive suite of step-by-step videos enabling non specialist PE teachers to deliver the fitness programme effectively.
– Additional resources and worksheets used to educate children and families about the importance of leading healthy lifestyles based around; nutrition, sleep, exercise and suppleness.

Schools will be able to monitor the progress made by the PE department throughout the year and will be able to run a final report showing the improvements made by school as a whole as well as each class individually.

The EdStart App will enable schools to record real time data based on the fitness of their pupils. This data will be useful in a variety of scenarios from identifying the ‘fittest’ schools to those that need more support. The data will also help PE teachers monitor the effectiveness of the activities being undertaken by the school.

Identifying extremely talented individuals as well as pupils who need to address their fitness levels from a much younger age will be made possible.

Adam Leese – iPEGS CEO said:
“We are delighted to be working on such a ground-breaking project alongside EdStart. Their programme will change the way that children and schools approach physical education. By specifically developing a customised version of the iPEGS system for EdStart we are able to not only record the results of the fitness tests electronically but we are also able to produce reports on the improvements and progress of individuals, years groups and the school overall.”

Chris Irwin – EdStart Managing Director said:
“The EdStart Fitness App is just the start of a longer-term strategy to utilise mobile technology and fitness within schools and for pupils and parents alike. This will allow us to implement our programme into numerous schools across the North West and UK whilst giving non specialist PE teachers the confidence to deliver and assess the various sessions. Our aim is to engage pupils and parents in developing life-long positive attitudes to sport, physical activity and healthy living.”

The EdStart Fitness App will be available for both iOS and Android tablets and will be launched in July 2015.

If you would like more information on how we could create a bespoke product for your company or organisation then Get In Touch.