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Diary of an Apprentice #2 – Why It’s Good To Listen, Especially Socially

July 2nd, 2015 Posted by News No Comment yet

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I recently took part in a webinar, which was part of my social media and digital marketing course. One part of the webinar was based on monitoring social media platforms as a business; I knew it was important to update frequently and interact with followers, but didn’t know why monitoring was so important.

I found that monitoring social media activity is extremely important for the preservation of a businesses good reputation.

This importance was explained using some interesting examples!

In 2010, a shelf stacker from a big super-market chain was filmed sabotaging food, cutting clothes and licking a raw chicken in the store where he worked. This caused an up-roar among customers who had been shopping in the store and created a negative reputation for the brand and particular shop. The incident was all over social media, but the supermarket in question reacted quickly and was able to diffuse the situation. Without this quick reaction, things could have spiralled out of control and damaged their reputation.

What this particular incident explains is that listening is more important than monitoring, you have to have the power to act otherwise the monitoring becomes pointless! Ultimately, Social Media Marketing is not about pushing messages or products/services out into the internet ether to sell or promote. It’s about building a two-way street to engage with audiences. We should not be ‘monitoring’ but ‘talking’.

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