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EdStart Fitness App Launched on iOS and Android

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edstart_300x180Technology Enables Fitness For School Children Across The North West

EdStart are revolutionising PE in schools with their innovative health and fitness programme. Now, a specialist app is available to record data and monitor children’s progress throughout the programme.

EdStart support schools by offering curriculum based PE provision and afterschool clubs as well as a new health and fitness programme specifically targeted to suit young people. EdStart’s aim is to improve the skills of children in every area of PE and develop life-long positive attitudes to sport, physical activity and healthy living. EdStart’s approach is designed to make sessions fun and accessible to each individual child.

Chris Irwin – EdStart Managing Director said:
We believe that overall health is a basic right for every child in this country. The importance of providing future generations with the tools to take ownership of their own health and fitness as they grow into adults has long been undervalued.”

Schools will be able to monitor the progress made by all their students throughout the year and will be able to run a final report showing the improvements made by school as a whole as well as each class and individual students.

The EdStart Fitness App will enable schools to record real time data based on the fitness of their pupils. This data will be useful in a variety of scenarios from identifying the ‘fittest’ schools and children to those that need more support. The data will also help PE teachers monitor the effectiveness of the activities being undertaken by the school. Identifying extremely talented individuals as well as pupils who need to address their fitness levels from a much younger age will be made possible.

Karen Wild- Head Teacher, Broad Oak Primary School, Swinton said:
“The impact of the EdStart Fitness App has been incredible and we have seen noticeable improvements in the fitness of all of our pupils. The availability of the programme as an app has allowed us to provide the programme on an on-going basis to our pupils, enabling us to make this a part of their curriculum and providing children with the tools that they need to take ownership of their health as they progress through school and into adulthood.”

The EdStart Fitness App is available for iOS now.

Technology In Education

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We are living in the age of technology. Going back to school no longer just requires a new pencil case and fresh paper, it means web based learning, interactive whiteboards and digital teaching aids.

Today’s students and pupils will never have to write an essay without the help of the internet, teachers are required to not only use technology but teach about the digital world which changes month on month. How can the education sector keep up when its principles are still rooted in reading, writing and ‘rithmitic.

We spoke to some students and teachers to understand how technology is changing education and whether the changes are for the better.

One student we spoke to currently studies solely via the internet, and she loves it…

“I currently study through webinars. You can do everything via a webinar that you can do in a classroom, including putting your hand up! This is different to how it was for me in secondary school.

“Using technology has changed the way I learn and I think it’s more effective and more efficient.  A presentation is better than just being talked at. It also means that classes can be recycled and everyone learns the same way.”

Claudia Crofts, 18, Flintshire

Ensuring you are exposed to the same information as your peers can definitely be seen as a fair and progressive approach. But as the teachers we spoke to confirmed, digital resources are not always available to everyone in every school.

“There are schools where every student gets an iPad, but this is not consistent across the board. Interactive white boards generally make life easier. But when there is an issue with the technology it has a massive effect on teaching methods. It can let you down.

Over my 6 year teaching career things have massively progressed. When I started we had a computer in the classroom, though my school was slightly behind the times. But now, every classroom has their own set of laptops that each child can use. I wouldn’t teach many lessons without using my computer and the interactive white board.

Software has changed a lot, and things are better. Overall it is more beneficial. What the children are learning has changed. Unfortunately, the majority of programmes are expensive, schools can only afford to do so much.”

Charlotte Jones, Gorton

One of the main issues teachers face is that of change, changes to curriculum and general teaching methods often create resistance to progressive change elsewhere.

“An issue is that implementing new software often means changing everything across a school and that’s more than just buying some software, its training everyone, making sure everyone’s doing the same thing and the problem with that is that everything within schools changes on a regular basis.

“It changes with each government, head teacher. So the issue is software becoming redundant within a short period of time. Programmes supplied as teaching aids are better. But as the curriculum changes a lot of the resources are obsolete.”

Chris Silk, Trafford.

The teachers and students we spoke to agreed that technology is creating a more dynamic classroom that reflects our modern world. The key challenge is ensuring that the end product is user friendly, has longevity and is reliable.

It’s up to the government, LEAs and schools themselves to push to ensure that technology is fairly available and that both teachers and pupils alike are acquiring all the necessary skills for a digital world.

At iPEGS we are dedicated to creating affordable software that enables educators to spend less time on administration and more time with their students.

Talk to us about our product portfolio and how we can create bespoke solutions to meet individual needs.

iPEGS Form Builder Enterprise Clients – Update

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This summer we have welcomed a number of high profile clients into the iPEGS family. They are using our products for a variety of processes that will help them digitise and streamline their businesses and institutions.

sercoSerco is an international service company that improves the quality and efficiency of essential services that matter to millions of people around the world. Serco manages crucial business processes for both public and private sector organisations. Their customers are national and local governments and leading companies.


proco_logoProCo NW is a Wigan-based, forward-looking post 16 training organisation offering a wide range of learning opportunities to individual learners and businesses. Established in 2003, they work with businesses within Wigan and the North West to deliver a range of training and qualifications to a multitude of young people.


seddon-logo-ttmcSeddon provide specialist services for the construction and maintenance of new and existing properties both residential and commercial. Seddon is a family-owned and managed business that spans three centuries and five generations. From its humble beginnings near Manchester in 1897 the business now delivers over £160 million of building projects across the UK employing nearly 800 people.



ccpCCP Graduate School is a UK private educational institution founded in 1994.The School is accredited by Pearson Education (Edexcel), City & Guilds, Microsoft and ATHE. Their courses include vocational and academic qualifications with progression to a university degree at specific UK universities.




 SCS Manufacturing & Training are Specialist Contractors in the Internal Fit-Out and       External Cladding Sectors. Founded in 1994 and with an annual turnover in excess of £20   million, they provide innovative and value engineered solutions to the technical and design   requirements of modern construction projects.


ctsCTS Training provides a number of specialised programmes including those to support 16-18 year old NEETS, classroom delivery for unemployed adults and delivering work based learning apprenticeships, whilst supporting local employers by providing a suite of employment solution services.



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