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Experience the New and Improved iPEGS Enterprise Dashboard

November 11th, 2015 Posted by News No Comment yet

We have spent the past few months working on some useful new features for our Enterprise users.

Based on feedback we have implemented a new feature called AutoSave. Users occasionally lost information that had been added to a form if you accidently clicked off the form, the app crashed or your device battery died and the form had not yet been saved.

AutoSave will automatically save your form at regular intervals and place it in a new folder called Draft. If for any reason you do manage to close or lose the form you were working on please follow these steps:

Custom Forms > Open > Draft  

Here you will find your form that has been auto saved – simply click on the form and you can then either continue to complete the form or you can simply save it in the normal way:

Save > Select Folder > Name Form > Save 

When you save a Draft form it will then be removed from the Draft folder and into the folder you have selected.

Floating Side Menu

Our new Floating Side Menu has been designed to make form building quicker and easier. When you scroll down the form builder screen a new side menu will appear.

To add a new field simply select and drag the field type icon to where you want the field to be placed. You will then be given the usual field options to complete.

We have noticed a few variations with the menu depending on your browser and screen size and we are currently working on perfecting this new feature.

App Preview  

Within iPEGS form management we have also introduced the ability to Preview what the forms look like on the App within the form builder itself. In the top right hand corner you will now see App Form Preview – simply click on this to get an example preview of what the form will look like within the app.

We hope you find our new features helpful and as always if you have any suggestions, or if you experience any issues with these updates please let us know by logging a query here.

Many thanks

The iPEGS Team