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Diary of An Apprentice – To Code Or Not To Code?

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Blog Profile pictureRecently I came to a crossroads in relation to my career path, this critical juncture will decide whether I continue to follow the route I am currently on, which is social media and digital marketing, or take an alternative route and start a course in software development, something I have only tinkered with in the past.

The safe option would be stick to the path I know, but then again, the potential adventure has its allure.

The software path would mean undertaking a software development apprenticeship and eventually becoming the in-house software developer for iPEGS. My first reaction was, “stay safe and continue what you’re doing”. But after consideration, I realised I needed to make an informed decision. I mean, I jumped straight to a conclusion because it was the safe route without the knowledge of what software development had in store.

I was never told about software development in school, it was almost an accepted consensus that girls would go into something health based and the boys would do the mathematical and technological jobs. I was never one for following gender role stereotypes so I chose engineering as one of my options. I was the only girl in the class.

After researching software development, I discovered a shocking fact… 92% of all software developers are male! The tech industry has a massive gender diversity problem, why shouldn’t women take these jobs? It requires an analytical mind, curiosity, patience, precision and a thirst for knowledge. There is no gender-based reason that should stop any girl from becoming a software developer.

My only obstacle is myself in this situation, there is no way I am going to turn down an amazing opportunity that has potential for new and exciting experiences because the other offer is ‘safer’. The characteristics that a software developer needs, I happen to have.

I never want to stop learning, software development and coding languages are evolving every day meaning continual development for me. I love a challenge and I want to push myself as far as possible and find what I am capable of.

So this is why I have decided to go down the adventurous route, there may be more bumps in the road, and hills to get over, but I love a challenge. Watch this space!

Dee Valley Water Teams Up With iPEGS

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iPEGS Ltd is excited to announce a new digital project with Dee Valley Water PLC.

Dee Valley Water PLC based in Wrexham is a water only supply company. The area of supply covers 831 square kilometres in North East Wales and the North West of England.

Ian Plenderleith, Chief Executive for Dee Valley Water said:
“The iPEGS platform is ideal for our organisation – it will allow us to make a seamless transition away from paper-based form filling with the aim of improving the quality of data, increasing operational efficiency and speeding up the many processes that our employees have to complete on a daily basis. I am extremely impressed with the iPEGS system and we are excited to be working with a local company.”

Dee Valley Water will initially use the iPEGS Enterprise App and Web based system to enable a quick rollout of key documents throughout the business. During this time iPEGS will start to develop Dee Valley’s own version of the App and administration system, to enable detailed and automated reporting on the data that is being collected by a wide range of departments within the organization.

Adam Leese, Director for iPEGS said:
“We are extremely proud to be working with such an historic local company. Implementing iPEGS across so many departments is a big project and one that we will see significant improvements and savings from. There is real enthusiasm and excitement from the team at Dee Valley in utilising iPEGS and this will only help to accelerate the future of mobile technology within this forward thinking organisation.”

To find our more about our Bespoke App projects click HERE or call us on 01244 955350.

The Business Network Chester partners with iPEGS Mobile App

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iPEGS Ltd is pleased to announce that it will be trialling it’s new Mobile App with the support of The Business Network Chester.

The current iPEGS App for tablets has had over 20,000 downloads, in over 100 countries worldwide. MiPEGS is a newly launched form-filling app for smartphones on iOS and Android.

MiPEGS enables businesses and organisations to automatically send electronic forms to small or large groups of users. Forms can be completed and signed remotely via the free app and with the form due date feature, PUSH notifications can remind users to ensure forms are submitted on time.

The Business Network Chester has been established for over 4 years and is the Network that connects diverse, successful and ambitious Businesses in the Chester, Flintshire, Ellesmere Port, Wirral, Deeside areas and Wrexham Industrial Estates.

The Business Network holds monthly lunchtime events to allow members and guests to network in a relaxed environment, where the focus is building long term relationships, based on a principle of “know, like, trust”.

Before the next event members will be asked to download the free MiPEGS App and will then receive a feedback form automatically after the event has finished. The aim will be to test the effectiveness of the App and to also gauge feedback about the event itself.

Tracy Griffiths – Director of The Business Network Chester said:
“Getting and measuring feedback from our members is extremely important to us so having the opportunity to trial this new technology from one of our own members is ideal and we are really excited to see what the response rate is like compared with the more traditional means of obtaining this information.”

Adam Leese – Director of iPEGS said:
“We have been members of the Business Network Chester for the last few years and we are really excited to have the opportunity to test our new product with such a diverse and forward thinking organisation.

MiPEGS is available now on both iOS and Android phones. If you would like to give MiPEGS a try please click HERE.

Steps Towards A Paperless Existence

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Going paperless is a terrifying thought. We are all wedded to a culture of printing, reading and chucking, or, maybe recycling. But not only does being wasteful with paper make our green side feel guilty; once the costs of paper, printing and (for big business) recycling are counted, the economic and environmental impacts are staggering.

This is not the first list of paperless tips ever created, nor will it be the last. That has not stopped us attempting to pull together some of the best tips already out there, some of our own and a couple of no-brainers that should help any business or individual take baby steps towards that enigmatic paperless state…

Turn off your printer for a week…
Or even just a day or two. “What!!!! But I need to print stuff out!!!” Of course we all do, but there are times when the printer breaks and can’t be fixed immediately and you just have to deal with it. See what you can get away with not printing and how nice it is not to have paper stacked up on your desk. At the end of your enforced period of NO PRINTING you will be surprised at how little you missed the printer in the corner.

Ask Employees to account for their printing
If you can, set up an ID system so that employees need to login to a printer queue to see who the major culprits are when it comes to over printing. It will ensure that users think twice about what they print and those that do print unnecessarily can be re-educated in their printer etiquette.

Only print out exactly what you need – double sided
Rather than printing out that entire 60 page document, only print out the sections you absolutely have to read, and when you do ensure it’s double-sided. Even better, set up all printer so that they ONLY print double-sided.

Share printed documents
Rather than emailing a document you want a colleague to read, share your own printed document and ask them to pass it round. You don’t all need a paper version, do you?

Invest in large monitors or e-readers
In the short-term, probably an expensive solution. But if you work in an industry that requires a lot of reading or close work then this is a long-term option to ensuring employees have the tools they need to complete tasks in a paperless working environment.

Create a kick ass digital archive/data base
It’s not always as easy as it sounds, but ensuring you and your business have a user-friendly, tidy and up to date digital archive can work wonders whether in the cloud or on a network. Often people print out documents in a bid to KEEP them. But, if they know that they can easily access document either online or within a company data base it removes the need to print to read later.

Online Banking Is the Future
Whether a business or an individual we should all be making use of the great online banking experiences banks offer today and stopping all paper statements. Not all banks have the ability to stop paper statement, but most do, and for those who don’t, vote with your fingers and send them an email asking them to make paperless banking a priority.

No Junk Thanks
None of us need the amount of take away flyer junk that comes through the letter box. Stop allowing junk mail into your home and office by heading them off at the pass and label your letterbox as a junk free zone.


If you want to talk to us about how iPEGS can help your business achieve a paper existence then contact us.

This article was first published January 2015, but because it’s relevant, we decided to share again!