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MiPEGS – The customer communication app

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MiPEGS enables you to Communicate & Capture Data from your customers in a completely new way. The MiPEGS App was designed to make connecting with your customers more effective. Life is getting increasingly busy which is why mobile technology can help us in our every day tasks (such as filling out forms).



Send forms, updates, offers, news, announcements and more directly to your customers via the free MiPEGS App.


Downloading the MiPEGS app to your phone could not be simpler. The end user will receive a push notification to alert them when there is a form which needs to be completed and sent back. Form due dates can be set to ensure forms are submitted on time, mandatory fields can be specified to stop users missing vital information.




Communicate More Effectively with your Customers:
– Order Forms
– Promotions / Discounts
– Announcements / News
– Surveys / Questionnaires




Communicate More Effectively with your Parents:
– Consent Forms
– School Trips
– Announcements/News
– Surveys / Questionnaires




Communicate More Effectively with your Employees:
– Holiday Request Forms
– HR Policies/Contracts
– Announcements/News
– Surveys / Questionnaires




Communicate More Effectively with your Members:
– Membership Forms
– Event Forms
– Announcements / News
– Surveys / Questionnaires


Are you a health club, sports club or spa where your members matter? The MiPEGS app can be used to send membership terms and conditions, membership forms, online spa bookings, personal training programmes, spa client analysis forms, member event forms, fitness timetables


Benefits of MiPEGS for you:


– Electronic signature including face stamp & date stamp
– Schedule forms and surveys to be sent on set dates/times
– Auto Populate Form info with MiPEGS User Profile
– Set Form/Survey Due Dates
– Send Push Notifications
– Users can download the Free MiPEGS App or send them a link to complete as a Web Form/Survey
– Generate Reports on your Surveys/Questionnaires (coming soon)
– Export Form/Survey data to CSV/PDF
– Free Account
– Free Apps
– Unlimited Users
– Unlimited Groups
– Unlimited Forms


You only pay for forms/surveys that are actually submitted and this is done by way of form credits. Each form/survey is classed as 1 Form Credit and you only use that credit when you view/download the form/survey itself.
£0.25-£0.50 Per Form Credit


The power of paperless for the fitness industry

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The fitness industry is a rewarding, fast paced and competitive market. The 2016 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report revealed that the UK health and fitness industry is continuing to grow. It has more clubs, more members and a greater market value than ever before.  This means that there is more of a focus to maximise opportunities within your business and provide a legendary member experience.

iPEGS Enterprise specialises in helping fitness centres, martial art academies, spas and personal training enterprises to increase new membership opportunities and retain members. This innovative app allows you to create and customise a range of paperless forms which become effective within your business:

  • Fitness class registers
  • Prospective member waiver forms
  • Fitness needs analysis
  • Member feedback forms
  • Fitness programmes
  • Membership forms
  • Club rules and agreements
  • Spa Bookings
  • Member event booking forms
  • Personal training client form

Unique features including FaceStamp,TimeStamp and DateStamp allow users to electronically sign digital documents securely if required.

Take the paperless challenge today and start your free iPEGS enterprise trial:

Start benefitting from:

  • 20% improvement in productivity
  • 90% saving on admin and stationery costs
  • 100% increased efficiency
  • Make prospective member follow up calls more effective
  • Email forms directly to your member
  • Make your member / client journey seamless
  • All your member data stored in one place
  • Analyze your data
  • Fields can be mandatory or optional so that you never miss important member information
  • Industry professionals can access data from anywhere

Handling the finished product:

  • You are able to create and manage forms, user groups and company branding via the iPEGS web portal, view, download or delete submitted forms. 
  • Create data tables for more advanced forms, add images and export to Dropbox and google drive.
  • Enterprise users can export forms quickly and easily into a variety of document types including PDF, CSV, DOC & XLS.

Download iPEGS now from the App Store and Google Play

Connecting your field workers to the office

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It is time to ditch the note or quote pad! The truth is that paper can and does get lost. This is a regular occurrence that happens within many industries. Although once lost – so, potentially is the customer. With iPEGS your forms will never be lost even if you manage to lose or damage your tablet that you record the information on. The need to change to a paperless way of thinking is increasingly growing and we have a solution.  You also don’t need to rely on a wireless connection to complete your work.

iPEGS has a range of uses and can be applied to any industry.

  • Client quotations
  • Order forms
  • Detailed client needs analysis
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Application forms – employment or educational
  • Event registration
  • Capturing data at trade shows or events
  • Event invitations / RSVP’s
  • Employee reviews
  • Time sheets
  • Self Assessment questionnaires
  • & Much more

Whether you are a sales professional out in the field, construction worker, engineer, surveyor, insurance claim handler or trainee assessor, iPEGS can help you to take control of your business, improve performance, be more productive, cut costs and most importantly keep all your important data in one place. Forms can be submitted in real time and can be viewed by the people who matter within your business.

A unique feature of iPEGS is that any form that you customise for your business can be securely signed by a staff member, customer or student using our electronic signature and face stamp which ensures 100% authenticity of the signature, including the exact date and time of signature and a picture to identify.

So…… Have a go – start your free trial today.

Turn your customers into raving fans

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Successful business owners and managers realise that keeping customers is just as important as getting new ones. Therefore, It is important that we understand what our customers like and dislike about our business, product or facilities.

Whether feedback is positive or negative, this has an impact on how we move our brand forward giving us the opportunity to improve. Think of the use of iPEGS as a secret salesman within your business, one that will seek out further opportunities within your brand, focus on keeping customers happy and generate referrals.

With iPEGS we can easily create customer feedback forms which can either be emailed to the customer via a web form, completed within a business on a tablet or sent directly to the customer through our MiPEGS app.

You can use this innovative paperless app to analyse your data and export to either a csv or pdf file. Our easy to use form builder allows you to customise questions to suit your business needs and get the feedback you require. Please find below an example of a customer survey form used within an electrical retail business.

The team at iPEGS are on hand to understand your business giving you support to create a form, survey or questionnaire which will turn your customers into raving fans.

Talk to us today about how we can help to benefit your business