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Analyse your data

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It is important for businesses to understand their data, collected through various forms, particularly feedback forms, to engage with how their clients or customers are scoring their business and how to make any necessary improvements. Asking for feedback demonstrates a willingness for the business to develop and enhance their product or service.

Many businesses still use paper based feedback forms or registers which have a tendency of getting lost, delay in acting on the information provided and no opportunity in analysing high volumes of data resulting in a pointless exercise.

One of the many features of iPEGS, is the ability to analyse data helping organisations to utilise their findings using our reporting feature through the innovative iPEGS app. This feature allows you to report on the data from completed registers or feedback forms.

Reports can be viewed as bar charts and table of results for feedback forms and additionally pie charts for register reporting, allowing you to quickly pin point where your business is succeeding and failing. Feedback forms can be created and tailored to your business and clientele through our easy to use form builder.

Trail iPEGS Enterprise app, start analysing important data and look after your business today. 

iPEGS Note pad feature

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Taking notes using the traditional method of pen and paper is not a productive way of note keeping. With iPEGS notepad you can create numerous notes which can be typed or entered using the dictation function.

iPEGS unique electronic signature feature using face stamp, date stamp and time stamp can be added to this note and signed by multiple parties. The note can then be exported as a Word, PDF or Excel Document via Email, Dropbox or OneDrive.

The notepad feature is perfect for recording the following:

  • Minutes of Meeting
  • Employee performance reviews
  • Customer requirements
  • Client agreements
  • Quotations
  • Reminders
  • Task lists
  • Revision notes

Benefits of going paperless

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Take the paperless office challenge today………

The need to go paperless for many businesses is increasing. However, converting from paper based to paperless can be a little daunting. At iPEGS we believe that change is positive and through actively using the iPEGS System, can help businesses increase office productivity and efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Here are our main reasons to convince you to switch:

A healthly ROI

Many businesses consider that converting to a paperless office will come with a cost, which generally will be the case. However in the long term, the return on investment will be much greater when adopting this strategy.

Saving on Printing and photocopier costs

Businesses spend on average £10,000 per year printing hard copies of documents. The average office worker will also use in excess of 10,000 sheets of paper each year too! In most organisations, going paperless can save more than £400 per person per year in these supplies.

By using the iPEGS system businesses can create or import any kind of form or document, sign electronically and then send to multiple parties in real time via email or upload to Dropbox, OneDrive or to the iPEGS secure portal.

Quick access to information and save on admin time and cost

Admin teams spend large amounts of time manually inputting data into internal systems from paper-based forms. With iPEGS, once you have captured the data electronically you then have the ability to import that data directly into your databases and systems.

No more Incorrect Data 

Completing paper-based forms can cause numerous issues such as unreadable handwriting, spelling mistakes, missing information and incomplete fields. With iPEGS you can predefine your field data with pick lists and drop down boxes, make field mandatory so they are not missed and no more bad handwriting or spelling mistakes.

Lost Documents, a thing of the past

A staggering amount of paper and documents are lost every year, which can mean lost business and opportunities. By using iPEGS and capturing your data electronically you can avoid such losses.

Improved Customer communication and experience

Sending out paper based forms to customers to complete and then return is a costly and lengthy process and can delay the end result or purchase which can be frustrating for both parties. Your customers have the option to complete forms on a face-to-face basis via the iPEGS App or remotely via Web Forms or the MiPEGS App.

Secure Electronic document Signing

Paper document signing is not as secure as you might think, signatures can be forged, damaged or unidentifiable. With iPEGS you can securely sign a document electronically, which will automatically add the date and time the signature was added. A unique feature of iPEGS is our patent pending Face Stamp which enables you to add a photo of the person signing to the electronic signature adding a whole new level of authenticity.

Eco Friendly

The environmental impact of paper is significant, leading to a high level of consumption and waste not to mention the clearing of beautiful forestry and wildlife losing their natural habitats. Now it is time for change, to protect our world and environment for the generations to come.

Compliment your brand 

If you pride your company on being open minded and forward thinking, then compliment your brand today and benefit from going paperless.

Set up a 30 day free iPEGS Enterprise account and see how fabulous going paperless feels!!!


iPEGS unique electronic signature features

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A frustration for many businesses and customers is the average time in which is takes to get a paper contract or document signed. This can take either days or weeks of unnecessary delay. A prime example is the house buying process which can be a stressful and lengthy process due to lots of paper based forms needing to be completed and signed for by multiple parties.  iPEGS, innovative app provides a solution to this problem, where the average time to get an electronic contract or document signed is immediate and important documents can be signed for anywhere in the world.

More and more businesses are seeking ways to cut costs spent on printing, postage, admin and time spent waiting for documents to arrive back either incomplete or unreadable. To be ahead of other competitors, a priority to speed up the process for the consumer, providing a more efficient and proactive service is key to success.

iPEGS electronic signature includes:

Facestamp – This unique feature takes a picture of the person signing the document as increased identification authenticity

Date Stamp & Time Stamp – The signature’s date and time is automatically added to the signature as a record

Signature – Inserts a signature into the document

Name – Inputs the full name of person signing the document

All of the above signature functions are optional and can be used as required. All signatures are legally binding when used through iPEGS.

Examples of forms that require signatures:

  • Employment contracts
  • Sales Agreements
  • Agreement of Terms and conditions
  • Rental Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Employee Policies
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Liability waivers
  • Salary Agreements
  • Performance reviews
  • Waiver forms
  • Consent forms
  • Order forms
  • Inspection check lists
  • Company audits

Why use iPEGS for document signing:

  • Documents can be signed by multiple users in real time
  • Improve your customer interaction by signing documents in the presence of your customer
  • Documents can be imported into iPEGS and can be signed for using the electronic signature feature
  • Documents can be emailed straight to the person or company who require this signed document
  • Signed documents can be accessed in the completed forms section or stored on the secure iPEGS portal
  • Identification authenticity is improved with face stamp
  • The document including the signature, can be exported to the following: pdf, word document, iPEGS document