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Field based Engineers instantly submit paperwork electronically back to the office

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Organisations who have Service Engineers working out in the field understand the importance of accurate paperwork completion. Most engineers still operate using the traditional method of pen and paper to carry out service and maintenance checks.

This method can cause problems for both the office and engineer, meaning that reports can be incomplete, get misplaced or damaged. 

The time it takes for paperwork to reach the office can sometimes be days or weeks. Therefore, administrators cannot action work within the time frames needed. 

Using iPEGS, the Engineer can access multiple electronic forms to complete using an iPAD, tablet or mobile phone and submit straight back to the office. 

Please find linked below an example electronic security risk assessment.

Security Risk Assessment

The photo feature gives the Engineer the ability to take photographic evidence to add to the form. The unique signature feature allows for multiple signatures to be added, which include the time, date and GPS location.

Once a form has been submitted, the admin team will get a notification via email with the completed form attached. The form can be downloaded as a pdf and imported into the client’s record within a CRM system or managed within the secure iPEGS Portal. In this portal you can build, brand and manage all of your submitted forms.

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Helping HR and Recruitment Specialists to Go Paperless

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HR departments and Recruitment agencies have traditionally been very form heavy, with an extensive amount of sensitive data needed to be gathered from employees, candidates and employers. 

Using iPEGS Remote, you can create bespoke, company branded forms or pick from any of our standard templates, which you can amend and add your logo to. Below is an example candidate registration form for you to view and test.

Example Recruitment Registration Form

Forms can be sent electronically to your candidate, employer or employee via a url link (for example, in an email) which they can access on any device, complete, sign and submit back to you. Or you may wish to complete forms with the person face-to-face using an iPad or tablet.

Due to the changes with GDPR and data legislation companies now have to pay more attention to where this data is stored and how it is collected and used, which makes iPEGS a trusted solution.

As the data processor, we store and encrypt your data in a secure, state of the art, UK data centre. We are Cyber Essentials Certified giving you peace of mind that our defences will protect against the most common cyber-attacks. We have achieved the IASME governance standard in relation to GDPR where we have demonstrated wider governance for management of the controls protecting personal data.

Why go paperless with iPEGS?

iPEGS advanced signature feature allows you to add multiple signatures to forms which automatically records the time and date of the signature. An optional feature is Face Stamp which takes a picture of the employee for increased authenticity (example image below).

  • Form fields can be made mandatory or optional meaning complete information every time.
  • With image and photo fields you can take a photo or upload supporting documents.
  • It is a low cost, flexible and efficient way of managing your business – paper free.
  • Better experience and increased data security for your clients.
  • Forms will not go missing.
  • Saves on expensive storage systems which take up room. 
  • No more delays in getting important forms back.
  • You are positively looking after the future of our planet as we plant a tree for every new customer.

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Electronic consent forms for baby ultrasound specialists

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Expecting a baby is an extremely exciting time and nothing can prepare you for this life changing event.

Baby ultrasound centres offer a range of scans suitable for all stages of pregnancy, including the popular 4D scan where you get to meet your baby before the birth date. 

These private scanning facilities are invaluable to mums who are wanting additional scanning which are not offered on the NHS. 

Client consultation and consent forms need to be well thought out, clearly underlining the expectations and implications of the scan. 

iPEGS Remote allows ultrasound clinics to access a range of branded and customised electronic forms for their clients to complete and sign at the clinic using an iPAD or on any device. 

A popular choice for clinics, is to have these forms accessible on their website or social media channels. Forms can also be sent as a URL link via email (like the one below) for new customers to complete, sign and submit once a booking has been made. 

Example Consent Form for Gender / 3D / 4D Scans

Once a form has been submitted, you can download the form to PDF which can then be stored on your computer or CRM system. A backup of the form is also saved on the secure iPEGS portal for future reference.

Why go paperless with iPEGS?

  • It is a low cost, flexible and efficient way of managing your business – paper free.
  • Better experience and increased data security for your customer.
  • Forms will not go missing which is great for future reference or if a claim was to appear. 
  • Saves on expensive storage systems which take up room. 
  • You are positively looking after the future of our planet and once you become a customer of ours we will plant a tree for you.

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Spa client consultation forms – time to go electronic

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spa client consultation forms

Is your spa still relying on old-fashioned paper-based client consultation forms? If so, this could be the perfect opportunity to refresh and re-invigorate your consultation process. From waxing consultation forms to facial consultation forms, there’s now a better, more efficient way to create a better first impression and take your client experience to the next level by simply switching to electronic consultation forms

A more relaxing spa experience

Your client has booked a spa appointment. The last thing they want to do is spend their relaxation time filling out a paper form. 

Electronic intake forms eliminate the initial tedium of paper form filling, allowing you to get started on your client’s treatment faster and more efficiently – and providing a more professional experience. You can even email the form to your client pre-treatment.

Electronic forms look more professional

Forget handing a photocopied form and a blotchy biro to your client. Hand them a tablet or iPad instead. It will help to inspire confidence, sending the sub conscious message that your spa is cutting edge and modern, which can ultimately result in repeat custom and more referrals. 

Electronic forms also include mandatory fields, which will ensure your forms are filled out properly, so you don’t have to check that your client has filled out all the necessary fields.  Electronic forms can’t be submitted until all mandatory fields have been filled out.  

More efficiency and safety

Electronic consultation forms can be easily organised, filed and stored, saving precious time, effort and space in your spa. Better still, they allow you to say goodbye to frustrating filing forever. 

Electronic consultation forms also ensure your clients’ sensitive data is secure. Each form, stored on a remote and secure server, can be accessed remotely from any device. Going electronic is also the perfect time to ensure you’re up to date with the latest GDPR requirements, which is critical for all spas and salons.

It’s easy to switch to electronic

Switching to a paperless spa means less waste, more efficiency and security, a greener environment and an overall enhanced client experience. Plus, switching couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is sign-up for a FREE trial, try up to 5 electronic forms for free and if you like what you get (which we know you will!) we can help get your move from paperless to electronic as seamless as possible. 

Photograph and data consent forms for performing arts schools

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Photograph and data consent forms

Each year, data protection laws require performing arts schools to gain the consent of parents to use images and videos of their children. 

From training videos and filming live performances to visiting press and media, consent must be gained before you can publicly use images of your students.  

Historically, performing arts schools and children’s drama clubs have used paper parental consent forms, but these are time-consuming for parents to fill in when they drop off their child and can easily be left uncompleted or get mislaid amongst all the other paperwork.  

iPEGS is helping performing arts schools and children’s drama clubs go paperless by using electronic consent forms that are easier to complete and more secure to store and access. 

Electronic forms perform better

Unlike paper forms, electronic photograph and data consent for drama schools can be tailored and easily amended and updated, ensuring clear communication between the performing arts school, parents and students. They allow schools to detail specific information about the activities concerned and provide clear reasons for requiring consent. 

Ensure complete information

Electronic forms provide mandatory fields, eliminating the risk of incomplete information, which can protect your drama school from unwanted legal proceedings, whilst eliminating time-consuming manual checking and sending consent forms back and forth between the school and parents. 

Prevent loss

Paper consent forms are risky and time-consuming. Students can forget permission slips and easily lose the precious paperwork, whereas electronic forms ensure the parent receives the consent form directly to their private email address or via a secure portal.  

Saves on printing and storage

Electronic photograph and data consent for performing art schools save on storage, helping to make those unsightly filing cabinets a thing of the past. It also saves time and money, eliminating the needs to print out your consent forms – they’re kinder to the environment too.

More professional

Electronic consent forms are far more professional than paper forms, enabling you to email them to your students’ parents or guardians. They can be filled out on any kind of device and give an altogether more professional image of your school. 

If you would like a FREE TRIAL of iPEGS’ electronic photograph and data consent forms for your performing arts school, why not sign-up for a free account and try before you buy? You’ll soon see how easy it is to switch from paper forms to electronic forms to gain parental consent. 

3 ways beauty salons can easily gather and store sensitive data

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With legislation regarding client information tightening due to GDPR, as well as the need for beauticians to obtain the necessary client consent before carrying out treatments, many beauty salons are looking at more efficient and cost effective ways to gather and store data. 

Thanks to electronic consent forms, beauty salons are able to safely and professionally obtain, manage and store confidential client information and consent electronically by storing it safely to The Cloud.  Here are 3 ways that iPEGS’ electronic forms can help beauty salons easily gather and store client data.

1.Switch from paper to electronic consent forms

Electronic consent forms are the easiest way to gather client data, whilst gaining consent. Unlike old fashioned paper, pen and clip boards, you can hand your client an iPad or tablet and create a professional and engaging first impression. You can even email your clients a form to fill out in advance of the treatment to speed up the consultation process.

Electronic forms also eliminate the risk of incorrectly filled in fields, illegible handwriting and lost paperwork, while mandatory fields will ensure the form is fully completed. Plus, beauty salon electronic consent forms enable you to stay compliant with the latest GDPR requirements. 

2. Store data in The Cloud

The Cloud is an online space where you can store your data, safely and conveniently, which is why an ever-increasing number of businesses and individuals are turning to it.

Electronic consent forms allow you to easily save and store client data straight to the cloud, and with its advanced security features and low maintenance costs, it’s the smartest way to store your valuable data. It also allows you to access client information from anywhere – which is ideal for mobile beauticians or those who work from third party salons.  

3. Complete forms using electronic devices helps protect client data

Electronic consent forms bring beauty salon owners and their clients, complete peace of mind. The ease at which information can be obtained electronically and then safely stored straight to the Cloud, means that your clients’ sensitive information will remain safe, secure and confidential. Paper forms, on the other hand, leave beauty salon owners vulnerable to theft, loss or damage, not to mention the sheer amount of space they take up being in stored in a filing cabinet.  

Setting up a free trial with iPEGS is easy, and you can trial five forms for free before you choose to buy.  Find out how easy it is for your beauty salon to gather and store sensitive data using iPEGS’ electronic forms.