Paperless Photo/Video Consent Forms

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In this weeks Going Paperless article we are going to be looking at Paperless Photography & Video Consent Forms and how going paperless with these types of forms has a multitude of benefits for all involved.

There are many different types of scenarios where you may want to take photos or videos of individuals and groups from events at schools, colleges, universities, graduations, community events, sports events, charity events…this list goes on. Depending what country you are in will depend on the privacy and data protection laws associated with taking photos and/or video of people. For the most part you will always need to inform individuals that you will be taking photos or recording video, what the photos/video will be used for and in most cases you will be required to get some form of consent. If you are taking photos/videos of children then you will absolutely need to get consent.

This article is by no means giving advice in relation to what is required in relation to your specific scenario and you should seek your own legal advice for your own circumstances. What we are looking at is the utilisation of technology to make the process of gaining consent as easy and efficient as possible.


Photo/Video Consent Forms are still very much completed in the traditional way of pen and paper. While this method works it poses a number of issues and risks including:

  • The time and cost associated with printing the forms
  • Printing the correct amount of forms which often leads to wasted paper
  • Difficult to read or even unreadable handwriting (we are writing less and typing more meaning handwriting is getting worse)
  • Distributing the forms effectively
  • Collecting all of the forms back in (and on time)
  • Missing or lost forms (which could lead to Data Protection issues/GDPR)
  • Sorting, transporting and storing of the paper forms

With our ever increasing use of mobile technology such as Smartphones and Tablets and the more traditional devices such as Laptops and PC’s — using paper based consent forms should be a thing of the past.


iPEGS offers an easy to use, cost effective way of creating Electronic Photography & Video Consent Forms that can can be accessed on ANY device, completed easily, signed electronically and submitted in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

Making it as easy as possible for the end user is absolutely key to getting your Consent Forms submitted quickly and by using a Paperless System such as iPEGS facilitates this effectively and efficiently.

Forms can be distributed to large numbers of people to be completed immediately or they can be sent ahead of time — with due dates and reminders set ensuring that no one forgets to complete and submit the form on time.

There are also more advanced features such as pre-population of the form fields making it even easier for the end user to complete the form.

Once a form has been submitted a copy of the form (PDF) can be sent to the user for their own records and you can either have the form sent to the ‘Form Owner’ or it can be submitted securely to the iPEGS Web Portal where you can access the forms as and when required. No more collecting in mountains of paper, no more risk of losing the forms and no more having to store them in a filing cabinet!


The vast majority of us are so used to using our Smartphones for all kinds of daily tasks such as shopping, banking, social media and much more — so the completing of consent forms electronically makes absolute sense.

So the next time you are printing out dozens of Photo & Video Consent Forms — think again…save yourself some time, save some paper, make it easy for people to complete these important forms and save some money while doing it!

For more information about how you can create your own electronic Photo and Video Consent Forms with iPEGS please click here.

Using iPEGS to send Electronic Reference Requests to Employers.

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Whether you are a recruitment agency, HR company or employer, we all require appropriate reference checks prior to employing new members of our workforce. Sending and retrieving paper based references back from an employer can unnecessarily slow down the process.

Using iPEGS advanced anonymous web forms you can easily build and send a customised reference request form to an employer or individual via a link. This form can be accessed using any device, completed, signed and submitted straight back to you. This form can then be stored electronically for your record.

To enquire about adopting an efficient, cost effective and paperless business using our advanced apps then please contact or call us on 01244 955350.

Paperless Consent forms

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If you are offering a treatment or service, then gaining informed consent from clients is extremely important. Due to the nature of the beauty industry, we work with a variety of spas and independent beauty specialists who we have designed digital client consent forms for them to use within their businesses.

The iPEGS and MiPEGS products enable you to operate a paper free business, it improves the client’s experience, saves time, money and improves efficiency. It can also help to protect you from potential legal cases arising in the future.

So how do I get a form completed and signed by my client:

Using a tablet or iPad you can access multiple company branded forms through the iPEGS or MiPEGS app without a wifi connection. Just open the form that you wish to be completed and signed and save once done. This is perfect in a face to face situation (which eliminates the need for paper and a clipboard).


Once this form has been saved you can either:

– Export the form as a PDF and a copy can then be emailed to both you and the client. 

– Export the forms via CSV which can then be imported into your CRM system or used for marketing purposes.

You can also send the consent form to the client / guardian prior to their appointment using the MiPEGS app. They would receive this form on their smart phone, or to any device, to complete, sign and submit back to you.

Features of the iPEGS app include:

  • Easy to use form builder – where you can build and brand your own forms
  • Folders – To organise forms
  • Feedback forms – Strive to improve your business by customising feedback forms to be completed by your clients
  • Registers – better manage your staff with registers and time sheets
  • Digital notepad – make digital notes which can be saved and exported. Perfect in a client or staff review situation

Why go paperless? 

  • Never receive an incomplete form again! Field types can be set to optional, warning or mandatory
  • Use the unique signature features which includes the date and time stamp of the signature. Even add face stamp for improved authenticity.
  • Save money and the planet through stopping excessive printing
  • Get your business in order with a digital filing system
  • Cut out the administration and have more time to focus on your business
  • Fight off those legal battles with digital consent forms that can never go missing

Is my client information secure?

If you would like to have a demo of how the app can work for you then contact Adam on 01244 955350 or email

Kick start your business this year

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The fitness industry is booming and the start of a new year is the perfect time to take advantage of the high volume of opportunity.

If you are a fitness trainer, managing your own business can be extremely rewarding yet challenging. If you are working remotely, time management is key and organising paperwork can sometimes become your enemy.

We work with individual personal trainers and personal trainer companies across the UK and overseas who were being slowed down by lost needs analysis, training agreements, waiver forms, fitness programmes and client progression notes.

The iPEGS app offered them a solution, improved the client experience, increased efficiency, productivity and freed up time to generate and retain business.

Below is an example of a personal training agreement which can be easily branded, created, signed and exported.




Download the iPEGS Pro app for just £49.00 for the year and benefit from the following:

– Create your own customised digital forms with our easy to use form builder

– Add your company brand to your digital forms

– Export the data in pdf, excel, word, csv or xml document

– If you take external fitness classes then the use of class registers will be of benefit

– Ability to email your clients documents straight from the app

– All of your forms can be stored on the app and accessed at anytime

– The app can be used without a wifi connection

– Advanced signature feature includes time stamp, date stamp and face stamp

– Multiple signatures can be added to a custom form

If you have a query or for further information then please contact a member of the team on 01244 955350 or email us at 


Simple & cost effective digital data capture

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Are you looking to up your marketing tactics, increase sales and secure repeat business?

The iPEGS app allows you to capture simple valuable data which can be used for future gain. Capturing contact information such as name & email address details is all you need to market to your customers prompting them to react to promotional offers and reward schemes.

The iPEGS app works within any industry and has many features which adapt to benefiting your business. For example, we have many holiday companies, hotels, B&Bs, resorts and holiday parks who use our iPEGS app to capture this important data.

Forms can be company branded and customised to suit your business, you decide which questions and information you wish to gather. It is not only digital forms that can be built using the app, surveys can also be created to get your guests feedback. Analysing this data, so that you can make necessary improvements is accessible in a few clicks. On check out, guests can fill out this form on a tablet or iPAD through the iPEGS app. You can make entries mandatory or optional so that you do not miss the information needed.

Once this information has been collected, you can convert this data to other formats including xls or csv which can be used to import into your CRM or mail build software.

Stop printing excessive amounts of paper, save on stationery costs, improve efficiency, customer experience and ultimately save hundreds per annum to spend on other areas of the business.

The iPEGS Pro app is just £49.00 for the year and you get use of all these features below: BUY NOW

– Create and save unlimited digital custom forms to access through your account

– Personalise your digital forms with company logo and contact information

– Use the app without a wifi connection

– Access a range of advanced field types including photo fields

– Make fields mandatory so no information is lost

– Use of individual or group registers

– Build questionnaires feature

– Analyse data taken from surveys and registers using the advanced reporting feature

– Use of unique signature feature including face stamp, time stamp and date stamp

– Add multiple electronic signatures to forms

– Import Documents to Add Text/Signatures/Freehand

– Any paper based forms that you currently require to be completed or signed can be converted to digital forms using the app

If you would like to speak to us about iPEGS Pro, iPEGS Enterprise or a bespoke app then please contact us now on 01244 955350 or email us with your enquiry at

Send & receive urgent consent forms with iPEGS Remote

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The iPEGS Remote mobile app allows businesses to immediately send customised consent forms to their clients who will be alerted regarding the form and receive this through the MiPEGS app on their smart phone to complete, sign and send back. We have many clients who use the iPEGS Remote app in an emergency situation.

Veterinary surgeons frequently need consent from owners to be able to operate on their animal in unforeseen circumstances. iPEGS Remote provides a solution for them, allowing forms to be sent and accessed by the client remotely wherever they may be in the world.

Receive, sign and submit……….


The app is available for android and IOS and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. If a client does not have a smartphone to download the iPEGS Remote app then consent forms can still be sent as a web form and completed signed and submitted back on any device.

If you have a need to send forms directly to your clients, patients or customers to be accessed promptly and sent back in real time then speak to us. We will be able to help you build and brand your digital forms ready to send and receive. To open an account, or for a demo then please contact us at or contact us directly on 01244 955350.

For digital form filling in a client face to face situation you can use our iPEGS app which stores multiple digital forms that can be accessed, completed, signed, saved or submitted using the app on an iPAD or tablet downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. The iPEGS app is extremely valuable in a surgery environment and vets use the app for all their form filling requirements which saves time, money on printing costs and improves productivity.

iPEGS Enterprise app offer

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The iPEGS app is designed to increase productivity, improve business processes and increase revenue. The app has many features to adopt a paperless office, capture and analyse data electronically, automatically connect back to the office and electronically sign and submit multiple forms in seconds. Our standard iPEGS app is available for free download from the app store for IOS and from google play for android but is restricted.

There are many features that the Enterprise app unlocks allowing you to:

– Analyse your data through reporting
– Extract your data to csv enabling analysis and reporting
– Brand your forms with your logo and company information
– Add a photo field for supporting evidence on forms
– Add an photo draw field enabling you to add drawings and text to the photo
– Submit forms directly to the iPEGS portal enabling data extraction
– Use of the portal to manage multiple users, build custom forms and questionnaires
– Manage user permissions
– Create Web Forms so you can easily send your clients a web link to complete and sign the form
– Fast, effective support from our awesome team of experts via telephone or online

So, if you are looking to access all of this potential for your business then get in touch with us today for a months trial.

To celebrate reaching 20,000 downloads in 100+ countries, for a limited period we are offering to build some of your paper based forms free of charge on the iPEGS system so you can start benefitting from a traceable paperless system. Call us today on 01244 560717 or email to set up free trial account. Offer ends on the 20th December 2016.

Digital Visitor Record

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Traffic into your business is important and recording this data allows companies to better plan and forecast the future.

Some businesses wish to record all visitors, contractors or staff onsite, requiring them to sign in and out for health and safety purposes and time management.

The iPEGS app is able to record and analyse visitor data digitally through the app using a tablet or iPAD.

Using iPEGS allows you to customise the fields of data that you need to capture from the visitors name, who they are visiting and the nature of their visit. The electronic signature feature automatically records the date and time of visit on signing.



Why use iPEGS as a
visitor management solution:

– Easy to access on arrival / exit of the visitor

– Visitor records can be saved in folders and accessed at anytime

– Visitor data can be converted to a pdf, excel, word, csv or xml document.

– At the end of the day / week this information can be sent via email, saved to one drive, drop box or the secure iPEGS portal.

– Multiple customised forms can be stored on the app ready to be completed, signed and submitted.

To use the iPEGS app to record your visitor movement then please contact us at or call us now on 01244 560 717

Digitally capture leads at events, using the iPEGS app

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Trade shows and exhibitions are a perfect environment to demonstrate and sell your product or service to a targeted audience.

It is important that the opportunities that arise on this day from leads or connections are utilised positively. The iPEGS app is perfect for capturing data at events, providing you with a digital solution for your lead generation and contact information. Potential customer information is entered onto the digital form through the app on a tablet or iPAD and saved to a folder on the app. At the end of the event you can export all these forms to a csv document to upload to your CRM system or to use for mailouts and ongoing marketing purposes. If you have a product which you wish to sell on the day you can also have a digital copy of your company branded order form which can be completed and electronically signed by your company and customer.



SUBMIT DATA TO: pdf, word, excel, iPEGS document, CSV or XML

Want to know how your conference or event went down with your attendees? Using the iPEGS app you can send Feedback forms to your attendees via a web link or through the MiPEGS app. MiPEGS allows you to send forms, surveys or event information through to attendees directly to their smart phone using the mobile app. All forms can then be completed, signed for and submitted back to you. This data can then be analysed through our advanced reporting feature so you can seek to make improvements for the future.

Why should I use iPEGS
as a solution for my event?

– Data can be captured offline

– Fields can be made mandatory so that important information is not missed e.g: email address / phone number

– Multiple forms can be saved in the app – contact forms, order forms, event surveys

– Use of our electronic signature feature, date stamp, time stamp and facestamp

– Increase engagement

– Forms can be company branded and tailored to the event

– Photo fields can be added to the form to take pictures of business cards

– Export your forms via email, dropbox, OneDrive or submit to iPEGS

iPEGS – The app designed to maximise opportunity at exhibitions, trade shows, events, conferences and business networking.

Do you require a digital solution for your business?

Then contact us today to book a demonstration

Tel: 01244 560 717 Email:

The Property Management App

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The iPEGS app enables estate agents and property management companies the freedom to complete, sign and submit all paper based forms digitally using the iPEGS app on their iPAD or tablet. The app is also perfect for recording data relating to property visits including valuations and inventories.

Numerous forms can also be sent to the client via a web link to complete, sign and submit back to the office. Examples of these forms would be rental applications, tenancy agreements, terms of business, mortgage applications, seller / buyer information and referencing forms.

Benefits of using the app for your business:

– No more costs spent printing numerous pages of paper documents to record your data on or send to your clients to complete

– No delay in paperwork being returned, speeding up the process and improving your client’s experience

– You don’t need a wifi connection to use the app

– Digital notepad to record any notes relating to the property or client requirements

– Photo fields can be added to the digital form to enhance your information

– Forms completed can be stored in a folder on the app, to the secure iPEGS portal, One Drive or Dropbox which can then be converted to either a pdf, excel, word, csv or xml document, exported via email or saved to your clients record.

–  The ability to put your company branding and contact information on all electronic forms

– Electronically sign forms using our unique signature feature which imprints the date, time, location

– Send feedback forms and questionnaires to your clients and analyse your data

Call us today for a demonstration of the app and information on how we can help your business 01244 955350 or email us at