Dr Eric Toni – Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine – Paperless Case Study

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Challenges that Dr Eric Toni experienced prior to using iPEGS:

  • Lots of paperwork to manage
  • Printed forms are costly to produce, and redundant if changes are required 
  • 20% of appointments took place at third party premises and transporting paperwork was a hassle

Benefits of using iPEGS:

  • Forms immediately get pinged back to us upon completion where we can immediately store them on our system
  • Clients feel much more engaged and involved in the consultation process completing the form on an iPad as opposed to a paper form
  •  The prescription template we use for pharmacies can easily and quickly be updated
  • Cost effective
  • New treatment consent forms can be produced and implemented very quickly
  • Client can receive a copy of the form via email for their records

Following Dr. Eric Toni’s annual appraisal, it was apparent that the clinic needed to move to electronic client consent forms.

“We had lots of historic forms that needed reviewing, and at the same time, we wanted to reduce the amount of paperwork. Some of our client consent forms were 7 pages long which had to be printed out for each consultation. This became very time-consuming.”

The other reason for moving away from paper forms was that 20% of appointments took place at third party clinics where they had to transport all the paperwork and bring it back to the office completed. 

“Using the iPEGS electronic forms, they get immediately pinged back to us as soon as they are completed and then stored against the client’s file in a safe and secure place. The job is done!”

“Since moving to electronic consent forms and allowing our clients to complete the form on an iPad, we have noticed that clients appear to be a lot more engaged and involved in the consultation process.”

As a Private Medical Practice, Dr. Toni provides Botox Therapy which is a prescription-only medicine. Electronic forms have allowed them to easily update the prescription template which they send to the pharmacy. They were also able to build a patient satisfaction survey and implement it within 24 hours. The survey can be completed at the clinic or sent out via email post treatment.

“iPEGS were very helpful getting the forms up and running for us. ‘We strongly recommend opting for this service as they have the technical expertise to build the forms on your behalf and integrate them with your internal systems.”

If you are looking for a paperless solution for your business and would like to view an example electronic aesthetics form please click hereFor more information about the paperless products for this sector please click here or feel free to contact us on 01244 955350 or email info@ipegs.co.uk with any enquiries.

Professional Eyes Studio – Paperless Case Study

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Challenges that Professional Eye Studio faced using paper based forms:

  • The repetitive nature of handling endless paperwork – clients had to fill in different forms for different treatments.
  • Staying compliant with the new GDPR regulations.
  • We needed a solution that was designed for a small business like ours that could help reduce paperwork and improve efficiency

Results that Professional Eye Studio have achieved since going paperless with iPEGS:

  • Incorporating multiple forms into one which saves time and money for both us and the client.
  • Clients feel more at ease that their confidential information is stored securely.
  • Switching to electronic forms has allowed us to stay fully compliant with GDPR regulations.
  • Clients see professional-looking forms which are easy to complete.

Professional Eyes Studio provides the latest beauty treatments including Hybrid and Classic Eyelash Extensions, Nouveau LVL, Microdermabrasion and New dimension Non-Surgical Facials. Their decision to switch to electronic client consent forms was driven by handling too much paperwork and the repetitive nature of dealing with multiple forms for different treatments.

The various aesthetic treatments that Professional Eyes Studio offers meant that a client had to fill in numerous forms if they were having more than treatment. This was time-consuming for the client, as well as for the business having to process all the paperwork. The implementation of IPEGS electronic forms has meant that clients now only need to complete one form on their first visit which covers multiple treatments.

With new GDPR regulation, Professional Eyes Studio needed to review their data protection policies and IPEGS secure forms helped improve GDPR compliance. “I think our clients feel more secure and at ease using electronic forms; knowing that their confidential information isn’t just left on a piece of paper, it’s stored securely in the cloud.” says Elizabeth Hurrell, owner of the Salon.

“IPEGS is a brilliant solution for a small business like ours. It’s scalable too as we grow. I have definitely saved both time and money switching to electronic forms.”

Professional Eyes Studio wanted to give their clients a professional experience from start to finish. “By handing clients an iPad to complete the form on their visit has certainly helped us achieve this. It looks and feels more professional” comments Elizabeth.

“The set-up of the forms was handled very professionally by IPEGS. Adam helped us rectify any mistakes and held our hand throughout the process until we were happy with the overall layout.”

“IPEGS has been a perfect solution for my business and I wouldn’t hesitate to any small business looking to reduce paperwork and save themselves lots of time and hassle.”

If you are looking for a paperless solution for your business and would like to view an example electronic beauty lash form please click here. For more information about the paperless products for this sector please click here or feel free to contact us on 01244 955350 or email info@ipegs.co.uk with any enquiries.

Setting up as a mobile beauty therapist

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mobile beauty therapist

The beauty industry is booming and can be a rewarding and lucrative business. If you are thinking of starting up as a freelance therapist, you must have good organisation, motivation and the right process in place to ensure that you can succeed in a competitive market.

Maybe you already have a steady client base or are looking to start building a client base. Maybe you have just qualified as a therapist and are starting from scratch. Whatever position that you may be in, we can help by supporting you to put a positive process in place to manage your business effectively.

Client consultation forms are really important for understanding your client’s needs, what their skin type is, what medication they are on, to what treatment or products they are best suited to. Maybe you also want to document progress of their treatment e.g: before and after photos which can all be captured using the iPEGS Remote app.

Consent forms are essential and when utilised properly can potentially save you from a claim. For example, if a client has a reaction to a product you have used, then it is important to get a signature which outlines the legalities of this.

Electronic Example Consent Form

iPEGS Remote will allow you to access a range of branded and customised electronic forms for your clients to complete and sign with you using an iPAD or on any device. You can also send the form electronically to your clients to complete and sign prior to their appointment. Once completed, this can then be stored on your computer, CRM system or saved on the iPEGS portal for reference.

The consent and consultation forms can also be accessed as a link for your clients to complete on your website or social media channels making it easily accessible. 

Why go paperless with iPEGS?

  • It is a low cost, flexible and efficient way of managing your business paper free.
  • The option of sending forms electronically to your client via email to complete, sign and submit back to you before an appointment saves time and money.
  • Better experience for your client.
  • The iPEGS Portal is easy to use, you can upload your company branding, easily build and edit your forms, search for your clients form using our advanced search feature and manage your electronic forms into folders.
  • All your client forms are stored in one place.
  • Forms cannot go missing like paper can, which is great for future reference or if a claim was to appear.
  • You won’t need to go out and buy a storage unit to store all the forms.
  • You can build, brand and customise your forms for free using the secure app.
  • Fields on the form can be made mandatory so you will never receive incomplete forms with important missing information.
  • You are positively looking after the future of our planet and once you become a customer of ours we will plant a tree for you 🙂
  • Form credits take two years to expire so if you have bought 100 form credits for £30.00 you have up to two years to use them. When you run out, just buy some more on the portal.
  • One form completed, signed and submitted = 1 form credit

Take a look at our frequently asked questions Here.

View our pricing here

If you are wanting to chat about your requirements, then contact us directly on 01244 955350 or email info@ipegs.co.uk 

Going Paperless with iPEGS – Your questions answered – Beauty Industry

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So you are wanting to take your business paperless and are thinking of using iPEGS as a solution.

Got some questions? No problem………

Listed below are the most common questions answered

I haven’t any forms set up, Can you help me with this?

  • If you do not have forms set up, we do have a range of templates available that can be customised and branded with your logo.

Which Devices can my clients access forms on?

  • Your clients can complete, sign and submit forms on any device with the most popular being a smart phone. Forms can be sent to your client to complete prior to their appointment or completed at the salon using an iPAD, phone or laptop.

How do I build the electronic forms?

Is there an option for you to build and brand my forms for me ready to use?

  • Yes, our experts in the form building team can liaise with you regarding your requirements and can build your forms ready to use. Our setup packages start from £99 +VAT

I want to be able to send forms to clients to complete and sign prior to their appointment and also in the salon. Can I do this?

  • Yes of course. You can do this by sending your client a web link to the form either via email or text.

How do I know when and who has completed the form?

  • You will receive an email confirmation once a form has been submitted, this will include a link to the completed form which will have all of your clients details. The form can be downloaded and saved to your device or CRM and it is also stored and accessed on the iPEGS portal which can be viewed and managed at anytime.

Which document formats can I save these forms as?

  • Forms can be downloaded as a pdf and csv.

I would need my client and therapist to sign the form, is this possible?

  • You can add multiple electronic signatures to the form if you required your client and therapist to sign the form. We do also have a feature called third party signatures which enables the form to be sent remotely to multiple parties to sign and submit back. This feature is usually used when medical approval is required prior to a procedure.

Do I have to have an internet connection to submit the form?

  • You do not need an internet connection to complete and save the form when using the app. However, you will need a connection to submit a form or if opening a web form via a link.

Can I save parts of the form and revisit it another time?

  • When using the iPEGS Remote app there is the option to save parts of the form and revisit at a later stage.

Can I add Before and After photos?

  • Yes a great feature is being able to add image and photo fields, for example before and after photos to document treatment progress.

How long does it take to set up to use?

  • Set up can be really quick dependant on your form requirements.

How much does it cost?

  • iPEGS Remote is an affordable and flexible solution which works by buying form credits starting at £30 for 100 form credits as a pay as you go option Costs are detailed here.

How do I know when I have run out of form credits and how do I purchase more?

  • When you are running low on form credits you will get an email notification and form credits can be purchased through the portal. These can be purchased securely via paypal or using your debit or credit card.

How do I get started?

  • It is really simple to get started, either contact us directly on 01244 955350 or set up through the website.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Consent Form – Why it’s better to Go Paperless

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Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting content forms

Whether you are a mobile beautician, or you own a small salon business and you carry out eyelash and eyebrow tinting, you will no doubt be carrying out client consent prior to undertaking any treatment.  

It confirms whether the client has had problems with the products being used in the past and also explains the risks, such as an allergic reaction to the products being used or the products getting into the client’s eye, so the client can decide whether to accept these risks.

More and more beauty businesses are starting to realise that paper consent forms are an expensive and inefficient way to manage client information, and so they turn to a service like iPEGS which provide easy-to-use electronic consent forms that your clients can complete on an iPad, Tablet, Smart Phone or Laptop. Not only does this enhance the client experience, it speeds up the consultation process; saving you and the client valuable time. 

One form, multiple treatments

The beauty (excuse the pun!) with electronic client consent forms is that you can customise your eyelash tint consent form for any cosmetic or makeup procedure.  When a client has more than one treatment, they don’t need to complete multiple forms – and this is a real time-saver!

Automatic electronic filing and archiving

Fed up with mounds of paper consent forms that you don’t know where to store, and more importantly, how to store them securely? iPEGS electronic forms is the perfect solution that will allow you to free up valuable space in your salon that’s currently taken up with clunky filing cabinets. And for mobile beauticians, you will always be able to retrieve client data and consent when you’re on the move. 

Staying compliant

Electronic Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Consent Forms helps to reduce GDPR risks and protect against insurance claims. Clients feel much more secure knowing that their details aren’t left on a piece of paper (that could easily be misplaced), and it also means you can implement the latest GDPR consent requests when switching to electronic forms. 

With electronic consent forms you can get back to focusing on the important things

It might seem insignificant, but electronic consent forms really do allow you to focus on the more important things – running a successful beauty business. So, whether you’re looking for Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Consent Forms or forms that can used for a wide range of treatments that you offer, we’re offering you to try our forms for FREE.  Simply sign-up here to start your FREE trial.

5 benefits of making Incident Report Forms electronic

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Schools, colleges and training providers need to be sure that they satisfy all legal reporting requirements for both employees and their students and take appropriate measures to monitor Incidents.  These include any accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences that take place whilst students or pupils are within your care.

The law requires that certain work-related accidents are reported to the local authority or the Health and Safety Executive under RIDDOR. If your school and college is still using paper Incident Report Forms, you will be only too familiar with the lengthy processes that these forms take to complete.  In this article, we outline 5 benefits of switching to electronic Incident Report Forms: 

  1. Ease of use

Electronic forms provide a much more efficient and easy way of reporting accidents and incidents because they can be completed quickly whilst under pressure. This is particularly important to accurately record important details, such as wounds or injuries as soon as an incident has occurred.  And with the growth of technology, people are now faster at typing than they are at handwriting, so switching to electronic forms will make it easier for all your staff to do this efficiently. 

2. Greater flexibility 

Electronic Incident forms provide greater flexibility if you are ever outside of the classroom, as they can easily be completed on an electronic device such as an iPad or Smart phone. 

The forms can also be easily customised (using a drag and drop interface) to match your school or college’s branding and colour scheme and you can easily add or amend questions at any time. 

3. Eliminates errors

Schools and College that use electronic incident report forms do not need to expend effort deciphering hand-written forms and transcribing data, so transcription errors are eliminated which will provide stronger evidence if any legal action were to be taken.  

4. Easy integration

The submitted data can be easily transferred and integrated with your internal processes, thereby helping to streamline back-office processes. This helps to minimise administrative overheads of having to manually transfer the information from a paper form to your internal systems. 

5. Easy storage and archiving 

The Health and Safety Executive requires schools and colleges to keep records for at least three years after the incident. Imagine the amount of paper this would incur, not to mention the space to store and archive these over three years. Electronic forms allow you store all data securely in the cloud so you can easily access it should you ever need to.  Finally, student and employee data are stored more securely; eliminating the risk of theft, fire or damage.  

iPEGS has helped many schools and colleges switch to electronic incident forms to improve their internal processes.  Contact us for a free trial, or sign-up for a free account today. 

iPEGS Partnership with One Tree Planted

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At iPEGS we are passionate about the future of our planet and are proud to announce our partnership with One Tree Planted. To thank you for making a positive impact to the environment by using iPEGS, for every new customer that we help to go paperless, we will plant a tree.

As technology advances and we start to enter a more efficient digital era, we hope that paper waste begins to dramatically reduce. By helping businesses in multiple industries, across the world to adopt a paper free business we are getting closer to creating a change. Deforestation affects wildlife, ecosystems, weather patterns and also the climate. Our aim is support putting a stop to this.

The biggest waste of paper is consumed within businesses, with a vast amount of documents and forms being printed for clients to complete. iPEGS offers a simple, low cost and flexible solution turning paper based forms into branded, innovative digital forms which work effectively.

We need to keep our forests alive and plant more trees for the future of the planet.

This week so far we have planted 12 trees in the Amazon Rainforest for our new customers 🙂

How it works:-

save the trees

If you want to take your business positively paperless, then please contact us on 01244 955350 or email adam@ipegs.co.uk 

How Dental Practices Can Go Paperless

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A trip to the dentist is something that cannot be avoided. Dental practices see vast amounts of patients each day resulting in printing huge amounts of paper based documents for patients to complete, sign and to then be manually inputted into their system. For some practices, once this form has been completed it is then scanned onto a management system and then shredded which is an unproductive, costly and a time consuming process.

We provide a solution to this problem, enabling patients to fill in medical history forms and sign treatment plans digitally through the iPEGS app using an iPAD or tablet. This document can then be converted to a pdf, excel, word, csv or an xml document and stored onto your patients record or emailed directly to the customer or healthcare professional.

Our practice surveys allow businesses to understand and improve on the service and environment that they offer for their clients. This allows management teams to analyse this data through the advanced reporting feature.

iPEGS will allow you to access a range of branded and customised electronic forms for your patients to complete and sign at the surgery using an iPAD or any device. You can also send the form electronically to your patients to complete and sign prior to their appointment via iPEGS Remote. Once completed, this can then be stored on your computer, CRM system or saved on the iPEGS portal for reference.

If you are interested in finding out how iPEGS can work within your business then please call us on01244 955350 or email us at info@ipegs.co.uk.

The power of paperless for fitness industry professionals

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The fitness industry is a rewarding, fast paced and competitive market. The 2019 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report revealed that the UK health and fitness industry is strongly continuing to grow. It has more clubs, more members and a greater market value than ever before.  This means that there is more of a focus to maximise opportunities within your business and provide a legendary member experience.

iPEGS Remote specialises in helping fitness centres, martial art academies, spas and personal training enterprises to increase new membership /client opportunities and retain members. iPEGS Remote allows you to create and customise a range of paperless forms which become effective within your business.

iPEGS Remote will allow you to access a range of branded and customised electronic forms for your members / clients to complete and sign with you using an iPAD or any device. You can also send the form electronically to your members / clients to complete and sign prior to their appointment. The form will be sent via email through a link which they can complete and sign using their mobile or any device. Once completed, a submitted form notification is sent to your email where you can download as a pdf and store on your computer or CRM system. The form is automatically saved on the iPEGS portal for reference and forms can be managed easily within the secure portal.

Types of forms that can be completed using iPEGS Remote:

    • Consultation Before and After forms including pictures
    • Prospective member / client waiver forms
    • Personal Training client form
    • Fitness needs analysis
    • Member feedback forms
    • Fitness programmes
    • Membership forms
    • Club rules and agreements
    • Spa Bookings
    • Member event booking forms

Unique features including FaceStamp,TimeStamp and DateStamp allow users to electronically sign digital documents securely if required.

Go Paperless today and start benefitting from:

    • 20% improvement in productivity
    • 90% saving on admin and stationery costs
    • 100% increased efficiency
    • Make prospective member / clients follow up calls more effective
    • Email forms directly to your member
    • Make your member / client journey seamless
    • All your member data stored in one place
    • Fields can be mandatory or optional so that you never miss important member information
    • Access your data wherever you are

We offer a low cost and flexible solution for your business – The iPEGS Remote Price List Can be viewed here 

For further information regarding our service specifically for the health & fitness industry please click here

We are passionate about the future of the planet and are proud to be partnered with One Tree Planted. For every new customer that we help to go paperless we will plant a tree for in celebration of making this important change.

Call us today on 01244 955350 or email info@ipegs.co.uk

Protected: Which Insurance for alternative practitioners?

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