Case Study

Asset Training & Consultancy was established in 1996 and is a highly regarded training company within Greater Merseyside. Asset specialises in the delivery of Apprenticeships and Nationally recognised qualifications as well as customised courses to suit the employer and employee needs.


Asset Training was looking for software to help them make the most of their existing technology. After successfully using iPads to manage an e-portfolio system, they made a conscious decision to transfer as much of their paper based forms as possible to a digital format to reduce the time and costs associated with handling paperwork.

After attending an ESF meeting organised by Wirral Metropolitan College (an existing iPEGS user), Asset attended a more extensive demonstration of iPEGS and signed up to a pilot.


To overcome the excessive use of paperwork, Asset immediately created their forms within the iPEGS dashboard. This has enabled assessors in the field to send copies of forms back to office without the added activity of physically bringing the forms back to head office for processing. Now, all relevant parties have copies of documents to review immediately.

Currently 13 Colleagues from a variety of departments including ASSESS Learning and Evaluation, Quality Co-ordination, Audit/DTLA and Testing Notification are all now successfully using iPEGS. Sub-folders within the iPEGS user management system ensures that documents can only be viewed by relevant personnel.

Asset have been keen to ensure that iPEGS is properly integrated with existing systems and all completed forms have been uploaded to Asset’s existing MI systems for evaluation and storage.

Customer Testimonial

Feedback from Asset Training

The feedback from a wide range of colleagues using iPEGS has been universally positive, with everyone finding the software very easy to use. The iPEGS Team is extremely responsive and any questions and queries are dealt with quickly regardless of the time they are raised. We have been pleasantly surprised that our feedback and suggestions have been genuinely welcomed by the iPEGS Team. I am a great advocate of using technology to make our processes more efficient and my long term vision is for Asset Training to use iPEGS to replace ALL paper forms whether completed in the office or in the field.

Derek Williamson, Head of Quality, Systems and IMI

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