Case Study

are a forward thinking accountancy firm who work with entrepreneurial business owners across a diverse range of market sectors to help them to cultivate their vision and achieve their goals. Working with a team of experts, they drive, motivate, nag and advise to ‘be the business you could be’ specialising in Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Exit Route Planning, System Restructure and Business Structures..


Cas Limitedwanted to compliment their business by seeking out ways which would benefit them and make their customer experience seamless. CAS spent unnecessary time and money printing self assessment forms to send to clients. This resulted in forms rarely being sent back, being unreadable, important information missed or unsigned.


iPEGS created a customised version of the CAS Self Assessment form which could easily be modified, suiting their business needs. CAS said that from a user perspective the app is really easy to use and saving and exporting forms is quick and simple. By utilising iPEGS CAS are now visiting clients and are completing the Self Assessment form in a single visit. iPEGS electronic signatures including Date Stamp, Time Stamp and FaceStamp provides the authenticity required for this document. Overall the process has been simplified, saving time and improving the customer experience.

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