Case Study

EdStart supports schools by providing specialist sports coaches that deliver both curriculum PE and a range of after school sports clubs as well as an innovative new health and fitness programme specifically targeted to suit young people.


EdStart were looking for a paperless solution as they were conducting field processes that required an enormous amount of information. Whilst assessing, team members would often have paper copies of criteria including curriculum levels, curriculum descriptors and class registers. Once collected, data would be inputted into a form on a computer before being emailed to a PE co-ordinator, who would then forward that on to the PE co-ordinator of the school, who would then forward that on to the class teachers. A lengthy process for all involved.

A government led sports premium was the trigger for a digital change. EdStart needed a digital solution that was simple for teachers to use, could feature resources for users and was accessible from a tablet. After a successful pilot using the iPEGS Form Building solution EdStart decided to work with iPEGS on a customised version of the iPEGS App and web based system specifically designed for the EdStart fitness programme.


EdStart had a clear idea of what they required their Fitness App to deliver. After discussing all the options they decided that a bespoke solution would deliver all the features they required.

Throughout the development process, a working relationship was developed that enabled the flow of ideas and collaboration between iPEGS and the senior team at EdStart.

In order to collect and organise the detailed data assessors would be inputting into the app, developers needed to programme complex formulas. In addition the app had to be designed in such a way that was in keeping with Edstart brand guidelines and that was also a extremely user friendly interface.

The bespoke app ensured that all data collected was correct and retained, allowing EdStart's business processes to become more scientific. EdStart's bespoke app features resources for teachers and assessors to ensure a consistent approach to all sessions.

The bespoke EdStart app completed a pilot across 20 Salford primary schools. Coaches have been piloting the app with teachers sitting in on sessions, all have had a positive reaction to the new cutting edge app.

Customer Testimonial

Feedback from EdStart

The iPEGS team have been outstanding. While developing the app we have been in communication daily and we have been getting weekly development updates. The support structure that has been put in place is great; the effort that has gone into making everything work is substantial. The design of the app is just what I was looking for. This is just the beginning of our partnership with iPEGS.

Chris Irwin, Managing Director, EdStart

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