Case Study

Established in 1967, ATG Training is a large independent national training provider offering training and apprenticeship programmes throughout England.


ATG Training were looking at ways in which the teaching, assessment and delivery aspects of the business could be streamlined and provide a cost effective means of delivery across the UK whilst ensuring the standard of teaching and training was not placed at risk.

Having already introduced a fully functional E-portfolio system, the requirement to complete documentation in a paper based format and then scan it to the E-portfolio systems was proving to be a costly solution both in relation to time and paper costs. Following a demo they immediately understood that iPEGS was the product that would help plug the gaps in their digital processes.


The introduction of the iPEGS application ensured that the completion of a paper based recording systems was no longer required. All ATG Training documentation, both externally and internally facing, are now created within the iPEGS software, removing the requirement for a paper based recording system within the business.

In line with government and SFA requirements to ensure the authenticity of learner signatures, the electronic signature and FaceStamp features within the APP ensured that, during audit, ATG Training remained 100% compliant with current funding regulations. The mandatory field feature ensures forms are no longer submitted with elements missing or unreadable.

The introduction of iPEGS has transformed the way ATG Training works, enabling teams to complete and export forms remotely, and after over a year iPEGS is now integral to the way they capture data.

Customer Testimonial

Feedback from ATG Training

We are continually creating new forms on the system as well as updating existing forms and all the team have embraced the system, even those who were initially nervous as it’s so easy to use. The Return on Investment for the business has been significant as almost from the moment we introduced iPegs our WBL teams no longer needed an admin day each week to check, collate and then post or take paperwork into the office. Now it all takes place at the click of a button. That's even before we calculate the reduction in stationary and mileage expenses as now return visits to capture missed information aren't required as iPEGS ensures the information gathered is right first time.

Rebecca Campbell, ATG Training

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