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Going Paperless in Further Education and Apprenticeships

February 4th, 2019 Posted by Apprenticeships, Electronic signatures, Paperless No Comment yet

Over the last 10 years we have seen significant change within the Apprenticeships sector in the UK. With the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy and Apprenticeship Standards, there has been a huge shift in how colleges and training providers operate and deliver.

Paperless Apprenticeships

There has also been lots of innovation over the last decade with a big increase in the use of technology to enhance the learner journey from Online Learning, ePortfolio, Video and Apps to the improvements in efficiency within the operational delivery of apprenticeships via increased use of MIS systems, CRM’s and Electronic Data Capture software such as iPEGS.

The iPEGS products have also evolved based on the changes within the sector, improved connectivity and mass adoption of mobile devices.

Our drive continues to focus on a fully electronic and paperless enrolment, commitment statements, apprenticeship contracts and all other related documentation relating to the apprenticeship. We feel that the face to face time spent with the apprentice should focus on learning and not admin and so our Remote product has seen a big increase in its use and volume over the last 12 months.

Paperless Apprenticeships
The idea is to ensure that the learner (and employer) only ever have to enter their information once and that this data can flow on throughout the enrolment process. By enabling the learner, employer and provider to complete their respective parts of the forms remotely, via any device means that all documents can be completed, signed and checked by admin in a fraction of the time.

If a mistake is made on the form or a change is required then the iPEGS ‘Request Change’ feature enables the admin team to highlight the field/s that needs to be amended and send the form securely back to the learner or employer in the click of a button. No more unnecessary journeys and delays in getting the forms corrected and completed.

We have also just launched a new variation of the 3rd Party Approval field that enables the form to be sent to all parties simultaneously for approval and signing (electronically of course).

Some colleges and training providers still like to finalise the enrolment forms and commitment statements on the first face to face visit. In this case the forms can be completed remotely prior to this and then reviewed and signed at that point. This means that the ‘admin’ aspect is reduced to a matter of minutes as opposed to hours and ensures the time can be focused on actual learning.

It is clear that colleges and training providers use a multitude of systems and processes and so we have ensured that the iPEGS Products are as flexible as possible to allow for these differences.

Below is a short video demonstration of a fully paperless and remote process of completing an Apprenticeship Commitment Statement between the learner, employer and provider via iPEGS Remote Web Forms.     

iPEGS Remote forms can be accessed as web forms on any device or via the free iOS and Android App. All iPEGS Remote forms can be auto populated with learner and employer data via our User Profile and Field Mapping tools.

So if you are still using paper based forms or even word documents and PDFs – now is the time to move to the next level, improve the learner and employer journey, reduce costs and inefficiencies within your enrolment process and remove unnecessary admin so that your tutors and coaches can focus on learning.

If you are interested in finding out about how to Go Paperless with iPEGS then please contact us.

Electronic Consultation Forms – Sports Therapy

January 28th, 2019 Posted by Consultation Forms, Electronic signatures, Paperless, Sports Therapy No Comment yet

In this weeks iPEGS Going Paperless Article we are going to be looking at Electronic Consultation Forms in Sports Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation.

Consultation Forms in Sports Therapy

We are going to be looking at a specific case study with one of our customers Cura Therapy who specialise in Injury Rehab.

Martha from Cura Therapy contacted the iPEGS team and explained her problem:

“I am currently renting a room in a Hair Salon, so as you can imagine there isn’t much space. I have to have a locked cupboard where I store the completed consultation forms and other related paperwork. The main problem is that I store a lot of the equipment I use on a daily basis in that same room, therefore the room is very crowded. The more clients I get, the more equipment I need for rehabilitation to meet my clients’ specific needs. There is not much I can do about the equipment as it is vital for exercise rehabilitation. When I was looking for ways to declutter my treatment room, I decided that going paperless was the way to go.

“Having digital forms will not only save me space but will also reduce my workload. As it is now, I have to take the completed consultation forms home first, scan them onto my usb and then transfer the copies onto an online portal where I keep all my client’s information and notes. I cannot do it at work as I have no room for a photocopier. This is taking a lot of my time and is interfering with my family life as well. At least if the forms are completed electronically and kept online it will save me a lot of time and hassle.”

“Another problem I have is reading my clients’ handwriting as most of it is not legible at all. As most of the paperwork is done after the client has left, I end up struggling to make sense of what they have written. Therefore, digital forms will bring some much needed relief to this problem.”

Martha was keen to use her iPad to complete the Consultation Form with her clients when they arrived for their appointment so she chose to use the iPEGS Direct product – mainly because of the ability to upload and image of the body and draw/highlight areas where the client was experiencing pain.

The Electronic Consultation Form is accessed on the iPEGS App (on or offline) and captures the clients personal details:

Sports therapist Consultation Form

The client’s medical history, current medical conditions and medication are also captured and are essential to help Martha identify the most suitable treatment.

Medical History Form

One of the key features that Martha was keen on was the ability to upload a body chart image that she could then draw on, add text and highlight the areas of pain that the client is experiencing.

Sports therapy Body Chart

The client (and Sports Therapist) can sign the forms electronically along with the date and time. This is the final part of completing this important and essential part of the process prior to the treatment commencing.

Electronic Signature Consultation Form

These consultation forms not only protect the client from any potential risks to their health but they also protect the sports therapist and are essential for insurance purposes.

Once the form’s have been completed they are then submitted securely to the iPEGS Portal where they can be viewed or downloaded as PDF if and when required.

No more risk of losing or misplacing these important forms and no more having to store them in a filing cabinet!

With iPEGS you can quickly and easily create any type of form with the easy to use Form Builder and generate the Web Form or App Form in no time.

Whether you are an experienced professional or are just starting out – it’s time you moved away from the inefficiencies of paper based forms and utilise the amazing technology we have available to us today.

For more information about how to Go Paperless with iPEGS please visit our website here.

The iPEGS app for Dental Practices

October 28th, 2016 Posted by Clinic app, Electronic signatures, News No Comment yet

A trip to the dentist is something that cannot be avoided. Dental practices see vast amounts of patients each day resulting in printing huge amounts of paper based documents for patients to complete, sign and to then be manually inputted into their system. For some practices, once this form has been completed it is then scanned onto a management system and then shredded which is an unproductive, costly and a time consuming process.

The iPEGS app provides a solution to this problem, enabling patients to fill in medical history forms and sign treatment plans digitally through the app using an iPAD or tablet. This document can then be converted to a pdf, excel, word, csv or an xml document and stored onto your patients record or emailed directly to the customer or healthcare professional.

Our practice surveys allow businesses to understand and improve on the service and environment that they offer for their clients. This allows management teams to analyse this data through the advanced reporting feature.

If you are interested in finding out how iPEGS can work within your business then please call us on01244 560 717 or email us at

Electronic signatures….. the lowdown

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Electronic signatures are constantly being utilised and respected by users across the globe including businesses, academic and government institutes. Gone are the days of hesitation regarding the security of signatures where now electronic signatures are already legally preferred worldwide.

Below are some interesting stats positively enforcing the use of electronic signatures:

  • From the 1st July 2016 – New laws governing electronic signatures came into force across the European Union. The Electronic Identification and Signature (eIDAS) Regulation is intended to standardise the way e-signatures work.
  • In July 2016, the law society released a practise note to assist parties and their legal advisors who wish to enter into, or execute commercial contracts with one or more of the parties intending to do so by way of an electronic signature
  • A leading global electronic signature company claims more than 85 million users in 188 countries within 225,000 companies globally. Research shows that the following improvements have been recorded as a result of using electronic signatures: 25% turnaround on agreements, 127% average increase in customer satisfaction scores, 80% completed in a day.
  • Signature platform helped State of Vermont solve anticipated $154 million fiscal gap.
  • The global digital signature market is expected to increase from $501.7 million in 2015, and reach $3,318.6 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 31.5%
  • United healthcare reported: Paper Saved using electronic signatures in 1 Year Exceeds the height of Empire State Building, $1 million saved in admin staffing costs

So…… do you want to benefit from using electronic signatures within your organisation? Use the iPEGS innovative app for unique electronic signature features including:

  • Face Stamp – Take a picture of the person electronically signing
  • Time Stamp – Records the exact time of signature
  • Date Stamp – Records the date of signature
  • Location Stamp – Records the location of signature – using GPS

Then please enquire how iPEGS can help, email

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iPEGS unique electronic signature features

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A frustration for many businesses and customers is the average time in which is takes to get a paper contract or document signed. This can take either days or weeks of unnecessary delay. A prime example is the house buying process which can be a stressful and lengthy process due to lots of paper based forms needing to be completed and signed for by multiple parties.  iPEGS, innovative app provides a solution to this problem, where the average time to get an electronic contract or document signed is immediate and important documents can be signed for anywhere in the world.

More and more businesses are seeking ways to cut costs spent on printing, postage, admin and time spent waiting for documents to arrive back either incomplete or unreadable. To be ahead of other competitors, a priority to speed up the process for the consumer, providing a more efficient and proactive service is key to success.

iPEGS electronic signature includes:

Facestamp – This unique feature takes a picture of the person signing the document as increased identification authenticity

Date Stamp & Time Stamp – The signature’s date and time is automatically added to the signature as a record

Signature – Inserts a signature into the document

Name – Inputs the full name of person signing the document

All of the above signature functions are optional and can be used as required. All signatures are legally binding when used through iPEGS.

Examples of forms that require signatures:

  • Employment contracts
  • Sales Agreements
  • Agreement of Terms and conditions
  • Rental Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Employee Policies
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Liability waivers
  • Salary Agreements
  • Performance reviews
  • Waiver forms
  • Consent forms
  • Order forms
  • Inspection check lists
  • Company audits

Why use iPEGS for document signing:

  • Documents can be signed by multiple users in real time
  • Improve your customer interaction by signing documents in the presence of your customer
  • Documents can be imported into iPEGS and can be signed for using the electronic signature feature
  • Documents can be emailed straight to the person or company who require this signed document
  • Signed documents can be accessed in the completed forms section or stored on the secure iPEGS portal
  • Identification authenticity is improved with face stamp
  • The document including the signature, can be exported to the following: pdf, word document, iPEGS document