Case Study

NTG Training is a leading and ambitious training provider, delivering the highest quality of training, qualifications, development and support to businesses and learners alike. NTG work with organisations in a wide range of industries offering apprenticeships, traineeships and BTEC courses. Employing highly qualified and experienced tutors, assessors and trainers with many years of industry related experience.


NTG Training were receiving high volumes of paper work, which had either missing signatures or information. As a result of this, the assessors would then have to schedule time to revisit the learner to retrieve the information that should have been collected on the first visit. This was costing NTG dearly, not only in paper costs, but in fuel costs, and unproductive time lost. NTG came across a more serious need to switch to a paperless system when it was brought to their attention that an assessor was forging signatures on behalf of the learner, which could have been detrimental to the business. The time scale to receive up to 50 pages of information back from the assessors via post could take up to a week where nothing could be acted upon, resulting in unnecessary delay. Due to excessive paper work needing to be kept on record, NTG were considering moving to another office just for more storage space in the form of filing cabinets. With all this information stored using this system, there was also no way of easily analysing the data, which was an important requirement for the learner, assessor and business. All these frustrations resulted in NTG approaching iPEGS to find an urgent solution, as there was no further budget for future error.


iPEGS advanced and replicated NTG’s multiple paper based forms which can now be completed by the assessor with the learner onsite through the iPEGS app, providing a better experience and communication for both assessor and learner. iPEGS made important information required mandatory, so that there was never an option to submit the form until all was complete. There is now no need to print out excessive forms to be posted to the assessor or collected by the assessor at the office. iPEGS electronic signature feature irradiated the option for a document to contain a false signature, as now multiple signatures can be attached, which include the GPS location, time and date of signature and even face stamp, where a picture of the assessor or learner can be added to the signature. Once the form has been completed onsite with the learner, it can be submitted straight back to the office in real time and stored securely so there is no delay in efficiently acting on the information. Using iPEGS advanced reporting feature, NTG now have easy access to analysis of the data required. No more filing of endless forms into costly cabinets meant that NTG stayed in their current offices, saved money in moving and now have more space for essentials.

Customer Testimonial

Feedback from NTG Training

iPEGS has provided us with a long term solution to our business needs. We have gone from strength to strength since using iPEGS. Our learners and assessors only have positive things to say about the use of this app. The team at iPEGS provide on going support and development for our training needs and developments within the business. This app is a breath of fresh air and I don’t know what the future of NTG Training would have looked like without it.

Lee Morris, Director at NTG Training

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