Diary of An Apprentice #3 – Travelling To The World Of Work

August 17th, 2015 Posted by News No Comment yet

I’m halfway through my Apprenticeship now and what an eye opener it has been!

I’ve learnt so much that I didn’t even think we would touch upon throughout this course, not only about social media and digital marketing, but also about the World of Work that was always rambled on about throughout school.

The World of Work was always referred to as such a complex place to even get to, and it was always perceived that when we got there it would be even more difficult. The words that came along with this daunting concept were things like RESPONSIBILITY, CHANGE and…. GROWING UP. Being a Peter Pan type meant those three words rattled me, and I would rather have travelled to Neverland than the World of Work.

But being half way through this Apprenticeship has changed my outlook a lot.

Doing this Apprenticeship has eased me into it all and the learning experience has not been as hard to adjust to, in fact I’ve found that I learn better this way! The resources available to me are extremely helpful, the subject is interesting, it’s not extremely hard but its still a challenge, but a challenge that I have now been prepared to take on with the help of colleagues and my training provider.

I’m surprised at myself for how much I’ve learnt in such a short amount of time, and shocked at the amount we have covered so far. This course continues to throw more and more interesting subjects into the mix and the more my curiosity advances, the more I want to learn. I’ve developed a passion for learning, which I have never really had before and look forward to more of what this apprenticeship has in store.

This Apprenticeship has needed me to be responsible, there have been changes and I have needed to grow up, but the eye-opening thing is that those words now don’t have a negative meaning to me, and instead of arriving in Neverland I have arrived in the World of Work. It’s not so bad.

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