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For too long, employment agencies have been blighted by the weekly processing of paper-based timesheets.

iPEGS allows users to complete timesheets that are then imported into a central document management portal or to existing software. Employees are able to electronically sign timesheets and add their photograph (FaceStamp) for added security. The mandatory field functionality ensures that all necessary information is captured first time, saving precious time.

The types of features that are currently helping clients in the employment sector are:

  • Timesheet Creation
  • Reporting
  • Mandatory Field Capture
  • Electronic Signatures
  • FaceStamp
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • Add logos to form
  • Geo Tagging
  • Export to CSV

Case study

ATG Training

Established in 1967, ATG Training is a large independent national training provider offering training and apprenticeship programmes throughout England. ATG deliver training across a wide variety of industries ranging from vocational industrial training to engineering apprenticeships and cycle training courses.

Customer Testimonial

Feedback from ATG Training

The Return on Investment for the business has been significant as almost from the moment we introduced iPegs our WBL teams no longer needed an admin day each week to check, collate and then post or take paperwork into the office. Now it all takes place at the click of a button. That's even before we calculate the reduction in stationary and mileage expenses as now return visits to capture missed information aren't required as iPEGS ensures the information gathered is right first time

Rebecca Campbell, ATG Training


The main benefits of implementing iPEGS have been:

  • Stationary costs have reduced by over 90%.
  • Improved productivity - the average member of staff is saving over 6 hours of working time each per week as their teams no longer require an admin day to collate paperwork.
  • Improvement in compliance scoring 100% in their most recent SFA audit.

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