iPEGS Patent Pending FaceStamp technology has been created to improve security and the authenticity of electronic signatures by utilizing mobile devices such a smart phones and tablets as well as laptops and PC’s.

In its most basic form FaceStamp is the process of adding a photo of the person who is signing the document to the electronic signature. This provides a visual level of security and authenticity.

FaceStamp is aimed at users who sign documents face to face or for users who want a more secure method of validating their signatures.

What is the problem?

27 countries worldwide have adopted legislation and regulations that recognize the legality of a digital signature (standard electronic signatures) and deem it a binding signature.

However, compliance is based on PKI technology for the security of the signature, which requires the document to be emailed from the originator to the person who is going to sign it – with encryption occuring in the sending of the document via email.

This process works well when the person who is signing is in a different location. But, if you are with the person who is required to sign the document emailing the document becomes an unnecessary step.

iPEGS FaceStamp enables users to securely sign a digital document when they are face to face by utilizing a mobile device (or Laptop/PC with a camera).

The use of FaceStamp technology overrides issues or concerns of confirmation of identity. With FaceStamp you can be sure of the person who has actually signed the document, rather then someone who has access to email accounts ensuring an extra level of authentication.

All of the iPEGS product family features FaceStamp technology.


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