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Feature Form Builder (Free) Form Builder Pro Enterprise

Create a Custom Form/Questionnaire/Attendance Register/Notes

Add different field types to a Custom Form: Text, Free Text, Number, Text Area, Date, Time, Currency, Percentage, Pick List, Radio Button, Tick Box, Signature, Location (GPS), Photo, Section

Specify Questionnaire type: Scale 1-5 or Yes / No

Specify Attendance Register Type: Individual/Group

Add Multiple Digital Signatures

Add Signatures Name (Print Name)

Add FaceStamp to Signatures

Auto add Date & Time Stamp to Signatures

Save Custom Form/Questionnaire/Attendance Register as an image

Export Custom Form/Questionnaire/Attendance Register (via email)

Export Custom Form/Questionnaire/Attendance Register (via Dropbox)

Select Export Format (PDF/CSV/XLS/DOC/iPEGS)


Create Reports on Questionnaires/Attendance Registers

Select Chart Type on Questionnaires/Attendance Registers

Export Report/Chart (via email)

Import Documents to add a Signature

Import Documents to add Text

Import Documents to add Freehand

Email Support

Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Add Logo’s to all Custom Form/Questionnaire/Attendance Register

Add Footer to all Custom Form/Questionnaire/Attendance Register

Add Image Field Type

Submit Forms directly to the iPEGS Web Portal

Add Data Table to Customer Form with field type: Text, Free Text, Number, Currency, Text Area, Pick List, Signature

Add Logo’s and Footers to individual Forms

Create Custom Forms and Questionnaires Online

Create and Manage multiple User Accounts

Create and Manage multiple User Groups

Manage User Permissions

Manage Company Branding for all Users (Logo & Footer)

Telephone Support

Bespoke - Contact us

Web Forms

Auto Increment field


Photo draw field

Image draw field

PDF Formatting

Auto Save (Turn On / Off – App Settings)

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