iPegs Form Builder

Product overview

We understand that different businesses have different budgets and requirements for creating a fully digital workplace. That’s why we have a simple set of products with straight forward prices that aim to meet the need of any business, whatever their size.

There are four products within the iPEGS portfolio:

 1. iPEGS Formbuilder - Our most basic app provides the small business or individual all they need to help them create, sign and export documents electronically.

2. iPEGS Formbuilder Pro - If you need more features to export into different formats and ensure your company branding is displayed in all its glory then you need our pro version and its extra features.

3. iPEGS Enterprise – Tailored packages for multiple users.

4. iPEGS Bespoke – A customised solution based on our existing iPEGS Form Builder enterprise product tailored to meet your business needs OR...a completely new product based on your requirements.

What Makes Us Different?

Key features across the range include:

  • Create and export forms into via Dropbox or into PDF/CSV/DOC/XLS
  • Create reports on questionnaires and attendance registers
  • FaceStamp
  • Export reports and charts via email or Dropbox
  • Import documents to add electronic signatures
  • Import Documents to add text
  • Import Documents to add Freehand

  • Create and manage multiple user accounts
  • Manage user permissions and access
  • Manage company branding
  • Add multiple electronic signatures
  • Geo-tagging
  • Microsoft OneDrive Integration
  • Create Data Tables for improved formatting
  • Personal email and phone support


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