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Field based Engineers instantly submit paperwork electronically back to the office

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Organisations who have Service Engineers working out in the field understand the importance of accurate paperwork completion. Most engineers still operate using the traditional method of pen and paper to carry out service and maintenance checks.

This method can cause problems for both the office and engineer, meaning that reports can be incomplete, get misplaced or damaged. 

The time it takes for paperwork to reach the office can sometimes be days or weeks. Therefore, administrators cannot action work within the time frames needed. 

Using iPEGS, the Engineer can access multiple electronic forms to complete using an iPAD, tablet or mobile phone and submit straight back to the office. 

Please find linked below an example electronic security risk assessment.

Security Risk Assessment

The photo feature gives the Engineer the ability to take photographic evidence to add to the form. The unique signature feature allows for multiple signatures to be added, which include the time, date and GPS location.

Once a form has been submitted, the admin team will get a notification via email with the completed form attached. The form can be downloaded as a pdf and imported into the client’s record within a CRM system or managed within the secure iPEGS Portal. In this portal you can build, brand and manage all of your submitted forms.

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5 benefits of making Incident Report Forms electronic

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Schools, colleges and training providers need to be sure that they satisfy all legal reporting requirements for both employees and their students and take appropriate measures to monitor Incidents.  These include any accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences that take place whilst students or pupils are within your care.

The law requires that certain work-related accidents are reported to the local authority or the Health and Safety Executive under RIDDOR. If your school and college is still using paper Incident Report Forms, you will be only too familiar with the lengthy processes that these forms take to complete.  In this article, we outline 5 benefits of switching to electronic Incident Report Forms: 

  1. Ease of use

Electronic forms provide a much more efficient and easy way of reporting accidents and incidents because they can be completed quickly whilst under pressure. This is particularly important to accurately record important details, such as wounds or injuries as soon as an incident has occurred.  And with the growth of technology, people are now faster at typing than they are at handwriting, so switching to electronic forms will make it easier for all your staff to do this efficiently. 

2. Greater flexibility 

Electronic Incident forms provide greater flexibility if you are ever outside of the classroom, as they can easily be completed on an electronic device such as an iPad or Smart phone. 

The forms can also be easily customised (using a drag and drop interface) to match your school or college’s branding and colour scheme and you can easily add or amend questions at any time. 

3. Eliminates errors

Schools and College that use electronic incident report forms do not need to expend effort deciphering hand-written forms and transcribing data, so transcription errors are eliminated which will provide stronger evidence if any legal action were to be taken.  

4. Easy integration

The submitted data can be easily transferred and integrated with your internal processes, thereby helping to streamline back-office processes. This helps to minimise administrative overheads of having to manually transfer the information from a paper form to your internal systems. 

5. Easy storage and archiving 

The Health and Safety Executive requires schools and colleges to keep records for at least three years after the incident. Imagine the amount of paper this would incur, not to mention the space to store and archive these over three years. Electronic forms allow you store all data securely in the cloud so you can easily access it should you ever need to.  Finally, student and employee data are stored more securely; eliminating the risk of theft, fire or damage.  

iPEGS has helped many schools and colleges switch to electronic incident forms to improve their internal processes.  Contact us for a free trial, or sign-up for a free account today. 

Paperless Incident Report Forms

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Paperless Incident Report Forms

In this weeks iPEGS Go Paperless Article we are looking at Incident Report Forms, why they are needed and how going paperless with these types of forms has a multitude of benefits.

Incident Report Forms are used in a wide variety of sectors from Health Care, Construction, Education, Manufacturing, Utilities, Transportation and in the general workplace.

An incident report form is completed in order to capture the details of any dangerous occurrence, injury, accident or near miss and is ideally completed as close to the event time as possible. This is to ensure that full, factual and accurate information is recorded to enable the responsible (health & safety) manager to put actions in place to minimise future risks and to ensure the safety of employee and/or customers.

Employee Health & Safety is of prime importance to any business or organisation no matter how big or small. Unfortunately, many incident report forms are still completed in the traditional pen and paper format and while this method works it can problematic and inefficient. Problems include:

  • Access to the paper based form – incidents can occur anywhere and having a paper based form to hand is not always possible.
  • Difficult to read or unreadable handwriting
  • Delays in getting the completed form to the responsible manager
  • Missing or misplaced forms
  • Storing of the paper forms

All of the above issues increase the risk of delays and repeat incidents due to the inefficiencies of using paper based forms.

Electronic Incident Report Form

One thing that that we do have with us the majority of the times is our phone. By moving away from paper and utilising an always accessible incident or accident report form via an App or the Web has huge benefits for a variety of reasons:

  • Forms can be accessed immediately
  • Information is recorded quickly ensuring full and accurate data
  • Forms can be submitted as soon as complete
  • Fields such as pick lists, date pickers, GPS location and photo fields all help in providing a much information as possible
  • Use of the dictation feature to speak the details directly into the form
  • No more bad handwriting
  • No more delays in getting the forms to the manager

There are so many benefits of utilising the technology we have available today – especially when it comes to health and safety. If you are still using paper based, incident or accident report forms then now is the time to start to thinking about going paperless.

iPEGS provide an easy to use, cost effective way of creating Electronic Incident Report Forms that can can be accessed on ANY device, completed with ease, signed electronically and submitted in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

By making it as easy as possible for anyone to complete these forms, via any internet connect device, ensures that the incident is reported on quickly and efficiently.

Accident Report Form
iPEGS Electronic Forms have a number of benefits including:

  • Forms available on ANY device (accessible immediately)
  • Forms can be accessed and completed offline (app only)
  • Electronic Signatures can be added with date and time stamp for authenticity
  • Mandatory Fields ensure the form is completed in full
  • Pick Lists and Tick Boxes for easy form filling
  • Add Photos directly to the form
  • Add GPS Location to the form
  • Submit forms electronically (no more printing/scanning/filing)

Once the form has been submitted securely to the iPEGS Web Portal the form owner (responsible manager) will receive an email notification where they can view or download the form immediately.

No more delays waiting for the form to be returned to the office. No more risk of losing or misplacing the form and no more having to decipher unreadable handwriting.

With iPEGS you can quickly and easily create any type of form with the easy to use Form Builder and generate the Web Form or App Form in no time.

For more information about how to Go Paperless with iPEGS please click here.