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Learner feedback forms for apprenticeship training providers

September 11th, 2019 Posted by Apprenticeships, Schools and Colleges No Comment yet
learner feedback forms

Learner feedback is a critical part of apprenticeship training, enabling your apprentice to maximise their learning at the different stages of training. It is also a vital part of the overall dialogue and relationship management between the employer, the apprentice and you – the training provider. 

The importance of learner feedback

By undertaking learner feedback throughout the apprenticeship, you can check your apprentice is on target and making progress. Learner feedback forms also help to raise awareness of your apprentice’s strengths and areas for improvement, identifying actions to be taken to improve their performance, while helping you to ensure the apprentice is applying their learning to the job.

Delivering learner feedback using electronic forms

Providing effective feedback helps apprentices to develop. It motivates them to learn more and improve, but if you are able to produce feedback using electronic methods, it also provides a means for them to monitor their progress over a period of time more effectively. 

By switching to electronic learner feedback forms, the whole process is more dynamic and responsive. Unlike paper forms, electronic forms speed up the process, allowing all three parties – the employer, the learner and the training provider – to send, receive and reflect upon the feedback in a format that can be easily stored safely and referred back to throughout the training. 

Tailor made for success

Electronic forms can be completely customised to suit your specific needs, including branding and allowing you to focus on specific training areas. Unlike paper learner feedback forms, any changes or updates to the form can be made easily and be live instantly. They are also far quicker to complete for apprenticeship training providers as many people find it far quicker to type than write manually by hand. There’s also no guesswork when it comes to trying to read someone else’s handwriting!

Faster Results

With electronic feedback forms, employers and apprentices can receive training feedback in real-time via email, safely and securely. Forms can be accessed from any device – desktop, tablets and phones – ensuring everyone always stay up to date with the progress of the apprentice. 

Stand out from the competition 

There are hundreds of apprenticeship training providers, all offering similar courses and competition is fierce.  By improving the way in which you provide learner feedback could well give you the edge over other training providers in your industry. 

If you would like a FREE TRIAL of our electronic apprenticeship feedback forms to see how they can improve training efficiency and have more satisfied clients, please get in touch with us today or phone us on 01244 955350. 

Electronic Apprenticeship Agreement for Training Providers, Colleges & Universities

September 9th, 2019 Posted by Apprenticeships No Comment yet

Are you a Training Provider, College or University who would you like to use the ESFA Apprenticeship Agreement Template but in a fully electronic format?

Below is the template as an iPEGS Web Form:

ESFA – Apprenticeship Agreement

The form can be completed by all parties in 3 easy steps:

1. College/Provider complete the apprenticeship agreement

2. Form is sent electronically and securely to the learner and employer

3. Learner and employer review, sign electronically and submit The form can be accessed on any device (phone, laptop, tablet) and a copy of the completed form is emailed to all parties automatically.

You can use this form template free of charge and add your own logo. Then you simply add form credits. It’s as easy as that.

If you would like to use this form, then please contact a member of the team at iPEGS on 01244 955350 or email us at