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As a Therapist you store sensitive client information on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even smart phone.

One of the key moments where data becomes vulnerable is when you dispose of old IT equipment. 

You cannot just copy and then dump data, there is a duty of care for the total life cycle of the equipment including disposal.

Client information such as Informed consent forms, Medical histories, Treatment plans, or other Consultation Forms, as well as contact details, are at the core of your business. It is protected by GDPR law and frankly not something you want to go astray. Make sure that you have it safely, on the cloud, or alternatively stored securely.


If you are using iPEGS paperless forms, securely deleting data from the cloud is simple. You need no special software, reformatting, resetting, or specialist IT security consultants. You can delete data on request permanently and at the push of a button. As clients are able to request this from you as data collector.

If you use another provider you should contact them for advice on how to securely delete this data.


If you store your data off cloud, at first glance deleting files, formatting or factory resetting hardware should do the trick. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

The delete file button does not really erase files, it just takes them out of sight. Anyone with a little knowledge can easily recover these files.

If you have client’s phone numbers, email addresses on your phone, and who doesn’t, disposal is a huge responsibility. 


If you have ever sold or passed a mobile phone or tablet on, what happened to all the data that was on the device?  Even activating the factory reset on mobile phones and tablets isn’t always the end of it. 

You may think you are doing the right thing by donating your old phone to organisations like Oxfam or Fonebank but without the proper precautions, you could put client’s data at risk.


Where is my client’s data? 

Desktop and laptop computers store data on an internal hard drive. Most of us are familiar with that. Don’t forget that you may also have client’s data stored on USB drives, USB sticks or even CDs.

Some Mobile phones and Tablets have internal SD cards not dissimilar to the ones you can buy to add memory or save photo’s. 


When you delete your data it may no longer be easily available. However traces of data remain in places that aren’t always apparent.

If you move an item to the recycle bin or perform ‘quick format’ on your hard drive or a factory reset of your device, you may consider it deleting data but it isn’t complete.

For a home computer, this is generally an adequate method for removing your personal data in most situations.

Formatting your device, recreates the data structures and file system.

You can delete data by reformatting, unfortunately, it could still be recovered easily.


Data Destruction

Employ an IT security specialist.

There are many companies which will securely delete data for you from a range of devices. These organisations will destroy or overwrite data on your behalf. 

Companies such as Secure IT Services Ltd for example, use InfoSec Standard No: 5 Approved Blancco programme as do other companies in the sector. This is the gold standard but is costly.  

They are able to return, reuse or recycle your device after they have securely deleted your data.

Before you send a device to be wiped, it is wise to restore it to factory settings. When your machine is returned, you should confirm your data has been removed securely

All this takes time and money but is the most effective method of removing data .


Using an overwriting programme can be cheaper and you can continue to use the device once the process is complete. 

Overwriting large hard drives takes time and this may need to be done multiple times. However it may be impossible to remove all data from the device.

Where do I find overwriting software?

You can find programmes which offer secure deletion of data easily. Some are free to download however, you should make sure this comes from a reputable source and check user reviews against the claims that it makes.


You may well decide that it is cheaper and less hassle just to destroy the hardware. Even this is not as simple as it may appear at first glance.

The client data may well be the only thing that you really want to remove, not to buy a new computer.

If you take a sledgehammer to your device, you can’t just sweep up the yard and dump it into the bin. The debris from mobile phones tablets, and the batteries particularly raise extra health, safety and environmental concerns.

You can try restoring factory settings.

Many devices offer a function to ‘Restore to factory settings.’ This will return the device to the state in which you bought it. This mostly applies to tablets and smartphones.

Included in the reset process must be a secure wiping stage. Not all devices include this process. You should check with the device manufacturer .


If having read this you feel that it might be wiser to, stick to therapy and not take up IT security as a part time job then why not look at our website and see how iPEGS can help you manage your forms and data.

By using the iPEGS Paperless System for your Consultation Forms, Consent Forms, Medical Histories and Treatment Plans, you can be sure that your data is safe. As the data processor, we store and encrypt your data in a secure, state of the art UK data centre. We are Cyber Essentials Certified giving you peace of mind that our defences will protect against the most common cyber-attacks. We have achieved the IASME governance standard in relation to GDPR where we have demonstrated wider governance for management of the controls protecting personal data.

I’m interested how do I get started?

If you would like to know more simply email me directly: steve or call me on 01244 955350.

Dr Eric Toni – Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine – Paperless Case Study

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Challenges that Dr Eric Toni experienced prior to using iPEGS:

  • Lots of paperwork to manage
  • Printed forms are costly to produce, and redundant if changes are required 
  • 20% of appointments took place at third party premises and transporting paperwork was a hassle

Benefits of using iPEGS:

  • Forms immediately get pinged back to us upon completion where we can immediately store them on our system
  • Clients feel much more engaged and involved in the consultation process completing the form on an iPad as opposed to a paper form
  •  The prescription template we use for pharmacies can easily and quickly be updated
  • Cost effective
  • New treatment consent forms can be produced and implemented very quickly
  • Client can receive a copy of the form via email for their records

Following Dr. Eric Toni’s annual appraisal, it was apparent that the clinic needed to move to electronic client consent forms.

“We had lots of historic forms that needed reviewing, and at the same time, we wanted to reduce the amount of paperwork. Some of our client consent forms were 7 pages long which had to be printed out for each consultation. This became very time-consuming.”

The other reason for moving away from paper forms was that 20% of appointments took place at third party clinics where they had to transport all the paperwork and bring it back to the office completed. 

“Using the iPEGS electronic forms, they get immediately pinged back to us as soon as they are completed and then stored against the client’s file in a safe and secure place. The job is done!”

“Since moving to electronic consent forms and allowing our clients to complete the form on an iPad, we have noticed that clients appear to be a lot more engaged and involved in the consultation process.”

As a Private Medical Practice, Dr. Toni provides Botox Therapy which is a prescription-only medicine. Electronic forms have allowed them to easily update the prescription template which they send to the pharmacy. They were also able to build a patient satisfaction survey and implement it within 24 hours. The survey can be completed at the clinic or sent out via email post treatment.

“iPEGS were very helpful getting the forms up and running for us. ‘We strongly recommend opting for this service as they have the technical expertise to build the forms on your behalf and integrate them with your internal systems.”

If you are looking for a paperless solution for your business and would like to view an example electronic aesthetics form please click hereFor more information about the paperless products for this sector please click here or feel free to contact us on 01244 955350 or email with any enquiries.

Professional Eyes Studio – Paperless Case Study

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Challenges that Professional Eye Studio faced using paper based forms:

  • The repetitive nature of handling endless paperwork – clients had to fill in different forms for different treatments.
  • Staying compliant with the new GDPR regulations.
  • We needed a solution that was designed for a small business like ours that could help reduce paperwork and improve efficiency

Results that Professional Eye Studio have achieved since going paperless with iPEGS:

  • Incorporating multiple forms into one which saves time and money for both us and the client.
  • Clients feel more at ease that their confidential information is stored securely.
  • Switching to electronic forms has allowed us to stay fully compliant with GDPR regulations.
  • Clients see professional-looking forms which are easy to complete.

Professional Eyes Studio provides the latest beauty treatments including Hybrid and Classic Eyelash Extensions, Nouveau LVL, Microdermabrasion and New dimension Non-Surgical Facials. Their decision to switch to electronic client consent forms was driven by handling too much paperwork and the repetitive nature of dealing with multiple forms for different treatments.

The various aesthetic treatments that Professional Eyes Studio offers meant that a client had to fill in numerous forms if they were having more than treatment. This was time-consuming for the client, as well as for the business having to process all the paperwork. The implementation of IPEGS electronic forms has meant that clients now only need to complete one form on their first visit which covers multiple treatments.

With new GDPR regulation, Professional Eyes Studio needed to review their data protection policies and IPEGS secure forms helped improve GDPR compliance. “I think our clients feel more secure and at ease using electronic forms; knowing that their confidential information isn’t just left on a piece of paper, it’s stored securely in the cloud.” says Elizabeth Hurrell, owner of the Salon.

“IPEGS is a brilliant solution for a small business like ours. It’s scalable too as we grow. I have definitely saved both time and money switching to electronic forms.”

Professional Eyes Studio wanted to give their clients a professional experience from start to finish. “By handing clients an iPad to complete the form on their visit has certainly helped us achieve this. It looks and feels more professional” comments Elizabeth.

“The set-up of the forms was handled very professionally by IPEGS. Adam helped us rectify any mistakes and held our hand throughout the process until we were happy with the overall layout.”

“IPEGS has been a perfect solution for my business and I wouldn’t hesitate to any small business looking to reduce paperwork and save themselves lots of time and hassle.”

If you are looking for a paperless solution for your business and would like to view an example electronic beauty lash form please click here. For more information about the paperless products for this sector please click here or feel free to contact us on 01244 955350 or email with any enquiries.

Simple and cost effective digital data capture

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Are you looking to up your marketing tactics, increase sales and secure repeat business?

The iPEGS app allows you to capture simple valuable data which can be used for future gain. Capturing contact information such as name & email address details is all you need to market to your customers prompting them to react to promotional offers and reward schemes.

The iPEGS app works within any industry and has many features which adapt to benefiting your business. For example, we have many holiday companies, hotels, B&Bs, resorts and holiday parks who use our iPEGS app to capture this important data.

Forms can be company branded and customised to suit your business, you decide which questions and information you wish to gather. It is not only digital forms that can be built using the app, surveys can also be created to get your guests feedback. Analysing this data, so that you can make necessary improvements is accessible in a few clicks. On check out, guests can fill out this form on a tablet or iPAD through the iPEGS app. You can make entries mandatory or optional so that you do not miss the information needed.

Once this information has been collected, you can convert this data to other formats including xls or csv which can be used to import into your CRM or mail build software.

Stop printing excessive amounts of paper, save on stationery costs, improve efficiency, customer experience and ultimately save hundreds per annum to spend on other areas of the business.

– Create and save unlimited digital custom forms to access through your account

– Personalise your digital forms with company logo and contact information

– Use the app without a wifi connection

– Access a range of advanced field types including photo fields

– Make fields mandatory so no information is lost

– Use of individual or group registers

– Build questionnaires feature

– Analyse data taken from surveys and registers using the advanced reporting feature

– Use of unique signature feature including face stamp, time stamp and date stamp

– Add multiple electronic signatures to forms

– Import Documents to Add Text/Signatures/Freehand

– Any paper based forms that you currently require to be completed or signed can be converted to digital forms using the app

If you would like to speak to us about iPEGS Pro, iPEGS Enterprise or a bespoke app then please contact us now on 01244 955350 or email us with your enquiry at

Digitally capture leads at events, using the iPEGS app

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Trade shows and exhibitions are a perfect environment to demonstrate and sell your product or service to a targeted audience.

It is important that the opportunities that arise on this day from leads or connections are utilised positively. The iPEGS app is perfect for capturing data at events, providing you with a digital solution for your lead generation and contact information. Potential customer information is entered onto the digital form through the app on a tablet or iPAD and saved to a folder on the app. At the end of the event you can export all these forms to a csv document to upload to your CRM system or to use for mailouts and ongoing marketing purposes. If you have a product which you wish to sell on the day you can also have a digital copy of your company branded order form which can be completed and electronically signed by your company and customer.



SUBMIT DATA TO: pdf, word, excel, iPEGS document, CSV or XML

Want to know how your conference or event went down with your attendees? Using the iPEGS app you can send Feedback forms to your attendees via a web link or through the MiPEGS app. MiPEGS allows you to send forms, surveys or event information through to attendees directly to their smart phone using the mobile app. All forms can then be completed, signed for and submitted back to you. This data can then be analysed through our advanced reporting feature so you can seek to make improvements for the future.

Why should I use iPEGS
as a solution for my event?

– Data can be captured offline

– Fields can be made mandatory so that important information is not missed e.g: email address / phone number

– Multiple forms can be saved in the app – contact forms, order forms, event surveys

– Use of our electronic signature feature, date stamp, time stamp and facestamp

– Increase engagement

– Forms can be company branded and tailored to the event

– Photo fields can be added to the form to take pictures of business cards

– Export your forms via email, dropbox, OneDrive or submit to iPEGS

iPEGS – The app designed to maximise opportunity at exhibitions, trade shows, events, conferences and business networking.

Do you require a digital solution for your business?

Then contact us today to book a demonstration

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