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iPEGS Remote – New Advanced Features for Apprenticeship Providers

September 9th, 2019 Posted by App updates No Comment yet

We are always looking to improve our customer’s experience and usage of the iPEGS products in further education. We are pleased to announce that some new advanced features have now been added, for you to benefit from.

New Features

1. Calculation Field: This new field now allows for calculations between fields. Whether you want to add, subtract, multiply or divide – you can specify whatever calculation you want to the possibilities are endless. A good example for this field is auto calculating the 20% Off The Job hours or totalling up Skills Scan results. You can even increase or decrease a date based on values elsewhere in the form – think end dates.

2. Web Form TablesYou can now add tables to your web forms! This has been in the pipeline for a while so we are please to finally get it live. We have also just launched Dynamic Tables which enables you to customise field widths, heading and sub headings and dynamically add rows on the web form.

3. Conditional LogicYou can now set conditional logic for most field types – show, hide and value are all options. You can find this new feature in Field Settings > Field Conditions. An example of this could be selecting a qualification name  It can be quite complicated so if you need any support with getting your logic set up then please get in touch.

4. Kiosk ModeYou can now set iPEGS Remote Web Forms to ‘Reset’ after submission. This is ideal if you have forms that are completed one after another on a specific device. An example of this would be a Signing in Form or Register on a tablet that individuals complete when they enter a classroom or building.

5. Reports: If you are sending Web Forms via the Portal and/or utilising Third Party Approval then you can now view reports on the total number of forms based on their status and drill down to see more detail. To access this feature simply click on the Reports tab in the Portal.

6. Auto Populate TPAIf you are utilising the Apprentice Profile for field auto population then you can now also auto populate the Name and Email of a Third party. An example of this is for the Employer – so if you have the employer name and email in the apprentice profile you can auto populate the TPA field.

7. Type SignatureIf you want your users to be able to ’type’ their signature you can now turn this ‘ON’ within the Signature field settings.

8. Anonymous EmailIf you have been using Anonymous Web Forms you will know that the Email field is added to the bottom of the form – this is to ensure we know who has submitted the form. However, you can now turn this off you have added an email field further up in the form. Simply select the option in the email field once you have added it.

9. Deactivate FormsForm templates are now deactivated when archived so if a user tries to access an old form they will be informed that it is no longer active.

10.Folder PermissionsYou can now set user access permissions to folders created in Submitted Forms. Simply go to Submitted Forms > Manage Folders > Permissions > Add the User/s who you want to grant access to.

11.Field Auto PopulationAuto populate fields based other field values i.e. pick lists – think Programme Title > Aim References > EPA Organisations > Tutor Name etc.

12.Form Name URL (Emails)You can now set the Form Name to be included in the email notification web form link – this helps to identify forms if you are receiving high volumes of Form Approval emails. Simply go to the form Settings > Form Submission > Tick ‘Use the adjusted form name in TPA emails’.

13.Forms to FoldersYou can now specific what folders you want forms to be submitted directly into in Submitted Forms. Simply go to the form Settings > Form Submission > Select the folder to automatically move to on form submission.

14.Auto Upload (Tracker)Tracker customers – you can now have your forms automatically uploaded to Tracker. Contact us for more info. 

If you have any questions in relation to the new features please contact the team on 01244 955350 or email

Benefits of a paperless system for training providers

October 6th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

The need to go paperless for many training companies is increasing. However, converting from a paper based system to paperless can be a little daunting. At iPEGS we believe that change is positive and the benefits of using the iPEGS app provides training providers a long term cost saving solution. The innovative iPEGS app enables you to adopt a paper free environment to capture data, saving time and money for your business, increasing productivity for the assessor and improving the learner experience.

Connect your assessor back to the office

Below are examples of paper based forms that can be completed using the iPEGS app:

Student Enrolment forms
Learning logs
Individual learning plans

Health & safety checks
Apprenticeship learning agreements
Learning style questionnaires
Learning application forms
Initial assessments 
Apprentice consent forms
Contact sheets
Feedback forms
Employer responsive programmes 
Student registers 
Progress reviews
Apprenticeship temporary withdrawal requests

Once these have been completed and signed by the learner and assessor, they can then be transferred to a pdf, excel, word, csv or an xml document and exported via email, One Drive or Dropbox and automatically saved on the secure iPEGS portal.

Why iPEGS?

iPEGS has the ability to:

    • Analyse data through the advanced reporting feature
    • Custom company branding
    • SFA Compliant
    • Attach multiple signatures to each form
    • Import to existing software systems
    • Create, edit and build custom forms tailored for your business
    • Export to CSV
    • Completed forms can be sent immediately back to the office
    • No need for a wifi connection to complete the form
    • Unique electronic signature feature including face stamp, time stamp, date stamp
    • GPS Location can be recorded onto forms
    • Field types can be set to optional, warning or mandatory (never receive an incomplete form again!)

Expertise in the sector

We work with a large number of colleges and training providers who are benefitting from using the iPEGS app within their business.

I want to go paperless….

If you pride your company on being open minded and forward thinking, then compliment your brand today and benefit from going paperless.

Contact us today on 01244 955350 or email us at

Technology In Education

September 22nd, 2015 Posted by News No Comment yet

We are living in the age of technology. Going back to school no longer just requires a new pencil case and fresh paper, it means web based learning, interactive whiteboards and digital teaching aids.

Today’s students and pupils will never have to write an essay without the help of the internet, teachers are required to not only use technology but teach about the digital world which changes month on month. How can the education sector keep up when its principles are still rooted in reading, writing and ‘rithmitic.

We spoke to some students and teachers to understand how technology is changing education and whether the changes are for the better.

One student we spoke to currently studies solely via the internet, and she loves it…

“I currently study through webinars. You can do everything via a webinar that you can do in a classroom, including putting your hand up! This is different to how it was for me in secondary school.

“Using technology has changed the way I learn and I think it’s more effective and more efficient.  A presentation is better than just being talked at. It also means that classes can be recycled and everyone learns the same way.”

Claudia Crofts, 18, Flintshire

Ensuring you are exposed to the same information as your peers can definitely be seen as a fair and progressive approach. But as the teachers we spoke to confirmed, digital resources are not always available to everyone in every school.

“There are schools where every student gets an iPad, but this is not consistent across the board. Interactive white boards generally make life easier. But when there is an issue with the technology it has a massive effect on teaching methods. It can let you down.

Over my 6 year teaching career things have massively progressed. When I started we had a computer in the classroom, though my school was slightly behind the times. But now, every classroom has their own set of laptops that each child can use. I wouldn’t teach many lessons without using my computer and the interactive white board.

Software has changed a lot, and things are better. Overall it is more beneficial. What the children are learning has changed. Unfortunately, the majority of programmes are expensive, schools can only afford to do so much.”

Charlotte Jones, Gorton

One of the main issues teachers face is that of change, changes to curriculum and general teaching methods often create resistance to progressive change elsewhere.

“An issue is that implementing new software often means changing everything across a school and that’s more than just buying some software, its training everyone, making sure everyone’s doing the same thing and the problem with that is that everything within schools changes on a regular basis.

“It changes with each government, head teacher. So the issue is software becoming redundant within a short period of time. Programmes supplied as teaching aids are better. But as the curriculum changes a lot of the resources are obsolete.”

Chris Silk, Trafford.

The teachers and students we spoke to agreed that technology is creating a more dynamic classroom that reflects our modern world. The key challenge is ensuring that the end product is user friendly, has longevity and is reliable.

It’s up to the government, LEAs and schools themselves to push to ensure that technology is fairly available and that both teachers and pupils alike are acquiring all the necessary skills for a digital world.

At iPEGS we are dedicated to creating affordable software that enables educators to spend less time on administration and more time with their students.

Contact us on 01244 955350 about our product portfolio and how we can create bespoke solutions to meet individual needs.