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Using MiPEGS to send reference requests to Employers.

December 12th, 2017 Posted by Paperless No Comment yet

Whether you are a recruitment agency, HR company or employer, we all require appropriate reference checks prior to employing new members of our workforce. Sending and retrieving paper based references back from an employer can unnecessarily slow down the process.

Using MiPEGS advanced anonymous web forms you can easily build and send a customised reference request form to an employer or individual via a link. This form can be accessed using any device, completed, signed and submitted straight back to you. This form can then be stored electronically for your record.

To enquire about adopting an efficient, cost effective and paperless business using our advanced apps then please contact or call us on 01244 955350.

New iPEGS Features – App update

May 4th, 2017 Posted by App updates, News No Comment yet

The team here at iPEGS are constantly looking to add new features and make improvements to the iPEGS products. We have been particularly busy over the last four months striving to perfect and advance some of the features on the iPEGS app which are detailed below.

– Open API

The iPEGS Open API V1.0 allows automated access to the iPEGS platform. You can now obtain user and form data via a simple RESTful interface. This enables businesses to obtain data that is held on the iPEGS platform to their own database system. For more information, or for a copy of the API documentation then please contact us.

– Auto Increment Field

The Auto Increment field enables you to generate unique sequential numbers each time a form is saved. You also have the ability to specify the format and starting number.

– Photo Draw Field

You can now take a photo using your device and then draw or add text to it before adding it to your form.

– Image Draw Field

Add a fixed image to a form and then draw or add text to it.

– Page Breaks

Fed up with scrolling through long forms? You can now create Pages on your forms with the new Page Break field.

– Improved PDF Formatting

We have been working on improved formatting for the PDF output of the forms. We also have a second phase of improvements scheduled in for the next update.

– UK (London) Data Centre (Migrated from Ireland)

Your data has always been secure with Amazon AWS (PCI Compliant, ISO27001) but we have made the decision to move our data centre from Ireland to the new London data centre.

– Auto Save (Turn On / Off – App Settings)

Auto Save is a great feature to help you avoid losing forms – however, if you don’t like it – you can now turn it off in the App settings.

If you have any questions about these new features, or would like to know more, then please contact us directly on Tel: 01244 560 717 or email 


Connecting your field workers to the office

August 11th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

It is time to ditch the note or quote pad! The truth is that paper can and does get lost. This is a regular occurrence that happens within many industries. Although once lost – so, potentially is the customer. With iPEGS your forms will never be lost even if you manage to lose or damage your tablet that you record the information on. The need to change to a paperless way of thinking is increasingly growing and we have a solution.  You also don’t need to rely on a wireless connection to complete your work.

iPEGS has a range of uses and can be applied to any industry.

  • Client quotations
  • Order forms
  • Detailed client needs analysis
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Application forms – employment or educational
  • Event registration
  • Capturing data at trade shows or events
  • Event invitations / RSVP’s
  • Employee reviews
  • Time sheets
  • Self Assessment questionnaires
  • & Much more

Whether you are a sales professional out in the field, construction worker, engineer, surveyor, insurance claim handler or trainee assessor, iPEGS can help you to take control of your business, improve performance, be more productive, cut costs and most importantly keep all your important data in one place. Forms can be submitted in real time and can be viewed by the people who matter within your business.

A unique feature of iPEGS is that any form that you customise for your business can be securely signed by a staff member, customer or student using our electronic signature and face stamp which ensures 100% authenticity of the signature, including the exact date and time of signature and a picture to identify.

So…… Have a go – start your free trial today.