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Marketing Online for Alternative therapists is part of the iPEGS series of blogs on marketing your Alternative Therapy Practice. A covert plan to force our clients to use more paperless new client forms, informed consent forms etc. Here is a list of places you can cheaply promote your practice.

Having built an excellent website, we need to get it an audience. However until you can get that site in front of your potential patients it is just a vanity project.

“The man who has a thing to sell, and goes and whispers it down a well, is not so likely to collar the dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers!”

1920s marketing slogan.


Running your own business is a demanding thing. For every hour you get paid for, you can spend two in setting up your practice and building your client base at the start.

That means you are only earning 10 pounds per hour worked if you charge your client 30 pounds an hour.

Fortunately, the return on one hour spent promoting your website can result in bookings for 5 hours according to experienced therapists.

Therefore that hour will pay you 150 pounds in the long run.

After your site has been running for a while, remember to revisit it and refresh it as you would your wardrobe.



Publishing a regular blog will help you raise your profile and ranking on the search engines. This is what I am doing now for our website

You are proud of what you do, talk about it, be it Reiki, Acupuncture, Hypnosis Therapy or another alternative therapy. 

By producing original and helpful content about your speciality you will generate interest from potential and actual clients. 

Talk about your teachers and how they inspired you. The courses you have taken to get where you are. 

Share your vision, your journey. You became a therapist because you want to help others and believe you can do that. This commitment will interest and engage by your audience.

By connecting your blog to your website you can help drive traffic to it and improve your search engine rankings. 


Mathew 25;29

The more traffic you get the higher you rise in the search engines. The higher you are ranked, the more visitors you receive, it is a virtuous circle.


Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedin….

Social media can still be done for free and is one of the easiest ways to market yourself.

You have a great story to tell. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are all forums to tell that story.

You have an informed opinion so get involved in forum discussions.

Create a business account on these popular sites. Maximise your online presence by posting regularly with varied content. 


Create a company page and your customers can easily keep in contact with you.

Video arouses people’s interest faster than any other content, with attention spans shortening you have 1.2 seconds to make an impression and keep their attention.

Make a video and post it, if you are a masseuse, get your partner to star in your ‘how to relieve stress’ massage video.

If Acupuncture is your speciality, do a visual demonstration of the art. Remember in social media ‘show not tell’ is more effective.

Facebook knows this and will share your video far more widely than text. 

You don’t have to be Michael Bay or Steven Spielberg; you just have to show you care about what you do. 

If you can make people laugh as well as inform them, you have 75% of your audience in the palm of your hands.


Is instant and more about sound bites or customer service. Easily accessible to your customers. Having 140 characters means you need to be short, and sweet.


Is all about show don’t tell. Pictures of the team, happy clients, short videos of your services and products in action. Keep it current and create a buzz about your crew.

Instagram is owned by Facebook so any advertising you do may also be shown in people’s Instagram feed everyone loves a twofer.


Is relatively the new kid on the block use it in the same way as Instagram, remember you can post your material on more than one site. So, Snapchat is another string to your social media revenue machine.


Is about you connecting with businesses and professionals within your field. This is a longer-term investment in your brand. Gaining credibility with your peers will pay dividends as they link with you and share your posts within the community.

This blog is one of a series written by iPegs paperless forms in order to help Holistic Practitioners grow their practices.

By using the iPEGS Paperless System you present a professional approach for your Consultation Forms, Consent Forms, Medical Histories and Treatment Plans. Save time and money and keep your client’s data safe.

As the data processor we store and encrypt your data in a secure, state of the art, UK data centre. We are Cyber Essentials Certified giving you peace of mind that our defences will protect against the most common cyber-attacks. We have achieved the IASME governance standard in relation to GDPR where we have demonstrated wider governance for management of the controls protecting personal data.

If you would like to know more simply email me: steve or call me directly on 01244 955350 and we can discuss how iPEGS can help improve your client’s experience.

Business apps for increased productivity

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We have outlined our top 10 essential business applications that have been designed to make your empire run more cost effectively, efficiently and with a priority of productivity.


iPEGS is an innovative and low-cost paperless mobile application that enables businesses across all industries to build customised digital forms, surveys and questionnaires, registers, timesheets and more. Unique features include FaceStamp, TimeStamp and DateStamp allowing users to electronically sign digital documents securely. This app makes connecting your employees from the field to the office a breeze.

Book your free demonstration today and find out how Ipegs can benefit your business.

iPEGS is available to download on the app store & google play


An app designed to make requesting and managing employee leave quick and simple. For employers and supervisors, it makes approving time off and keeping track of holiday hours easy for you and your company. Time tastic are now offering a free 3 month signup – start yours today here 


This incredible app designed to put organisation as a priority. It goes far beyond what you’d typically think of as a notebook. You can add text, images, audio, scanned documents, files, and more to your notebook and synchronise everything across all of your devices. Download evernote here


Makes communication within teams much more effective. Drag, drop and share your files with your team. Organise your team conversations by creating channels specific to topics, business departments e.g marketing,  events, corporate client and presentation content. Improve your team communication here


This app makes assigning business tasks rewarding. Schedule projects via a simple or detailed list. Manage the productivity of your team by setting tasks to schedule by priority and set reminders using the calendar function. Download Wunderlist here

Zoho – Crm 

Zoho is an easy to use crm system built to maximise business opportunities. Key functions are marketing for your business by easy to use mail campaigns, manage your social media and export important marketing return data. Manage and control your leads making sure that an opportunity is never missed. Enhance communication with your customers and focus on the service that you provide. Zoho are currently offering a 30 day free trial 


Grow your business and connect with like minded professionals in your industry. Use this tool for sharing content, join relevant groups and forums and learn new skills. Get access to the perfect candidate for your recruitment needs and use as a sales tool for promoting your business. Download now


Bring your business presentations to life with this creative app. Choose from an impressive 30 animated themes to make your presentation win business. Download today

Google maps for business

This app improves customer experience by displaying data on google maps, designed to increase visitor traffic. Make fast and informed decisions, and improve the performance efficiency of your vehicles or other mobile assets. Use google maps to plan your diaries and effectively time manage between appointments Enquire here

Google analytics

Analytics on the go – understand where your business leads and traffic through your website is coming from. This is the app to track and monitor your business performance through various channels. Get started today