Diary of An Apprentice – To Code Or Not To Code?

January 27th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

Blog Profile pictureRecently I came to a crossroads in relation to my career path, this critical juncture will decide whether I continue to follow the route I am currently on, which is social media and digital marketing, or take an alternative route and start a course in software development, something I have only tinkered with in the past.

The safe option would be stick to the path I know, but then again, the potential adventure has its allure.

The software path would mean undertaking a software development apprenticeship and eventually becoming the in-house software developer for iPEGS. My first reaction was, “stay safe and continue what you’re doing”. But after consideration, I realised I needed to make an informed decision. I mean, I jumped straight to a conclusion because it was the safe route without the knowledge of what software development had in store.

I was never told about software development in school, it was almost an accepted consensus that girls would go into something health based and the boys would do the mathematical and technological jobs. I was never one for following gender role stereotypes so I chose engineering as one of my options. I was the only girl in the class.

After researching software development, I discovered a shocking fact… 92% of all software developers are male! The tech industry has a massive gender diversity problem, why shouldn’t women take these jobs? It requires an analytical mind, curiosity, patience, precision and a thirst for knowledge. There is no gender-based reason that should stop any girl from becoming a software developer.

My only obstacle is myself in this situation, there is no way I am going to turn down an amazing opportunity that has potential for new and exciting experiences because the other offer is ‘safer’. The characteristics that a software developer needs, I happen to have.

I never want to stop learning, software development and coding languages are evolving every day meaning continual development for me. I love a challenge and I want to push myself as far as possible and find what I am capable of.

So this is why I have decided to go down the adventurous route, there may be more bumps in the road, and hills to get over, but I love a challenge. Watch this space!

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